Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Box Art Revealed

Announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June last year, Dead Space 2 on PlayStation 3 will be available in a limited edition package in addition to the standard edition, which will include many extra features.

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Raptura3240d ago

um.. this game is gonna be epic, but that cover art is rather basic..

toaster3240d ago

Boxart and gamecases are so 2006, I'll have it preloaded and ready to play on Steam the moment it releases. I have the first one but haven't played it yet, the second one is looking great so I'll definitely get it.

Quagmire3240d ago

I liked the severed hand of the first game's cover, was hoping we could see maybe a severed head with Isaacs iconic helmet on.

cemelc3240d ago

Got a question here, the other day i saw an article that the standar edition for the ps3 will only bring a demo of dead space extraction can someone confirm this?

ksense3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

all editions that are released for the PS3 in the US have the full game which can be played with either move or dual shock confirmed by IGN in one of their articles i can't seem to find. Most probably it is limited hence the name so if you get it early you will have it.

I found it but not sure if this changed now

Actually if you listen to the podcast from last week they say the same thing that all editions for ps3 in US are limited edition and come with the full game

cemelc3240d ago

is this going to last forever or only for a limited time???

Dysmorphic3240d ago

Not nearly as good as the first but better than the majority of game covers nowadays.

Kran3240d ago

The cover is the same as the normal edition, just with Limited Edition slapped onto it.

ps3rider3240d ago

The box art of the first one was epic. but i dont know why they have select this box art. they can do better.
they are doing a great about the game but the new box art is not great.

Digitaldude3240d ago

Didn't we know about this ages ago?

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