PC motion controls coming

If you've been wishing you could ditch your clunky computer mouse and control your PC with gestures -- the way you can using Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 gaming console -- computer maker Asus expects to have a solution for you this year.

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toaster4649d ago

There already are motion controls on PC.


Niche market though.

pixelsword4649d ago

Yeah; I never was fully convinced that the Wii, Move, or Kinect was anything spectacular myself, and I still don't for the most part.

Substance1014649d ago

Lol @ calling Mouse clunky, its the motion controls which are clunky at best.

rybobales4649d ago

haha a mouse is still the most accurate form of "aiming" on any platform.

kagon014649d ago

I'm glad I wont support it...

Xfanboy4649d ago

isn't a mouse motion control?

Letros4649d ago

It's definitely the most accurate & precise input device available no matter how one labels it.

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