Two Things That Ruined Assassins Creed: Brotherhood | Mad Overdose writes: Assassins Creed II was an amazing game. It did everything a sequel should do. It improved on what the first game did right, and either fixed or did away with what it did wrong. It expanded upon the original story which is a personal favorite of mine, and gave us one helluva character. The only problems that bugged me about ACII were the stupid bards getting in my face, and the occasional clipping and graphical issue. In fact, ACII had a lot of clipping and shitty character models throughout, but, due to all of the other positives, these issues were passable. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, however, seems to be riding on that same ideal without the massive overhaul to turn our heads the other way.

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ThanatosDMC3240d ago

There's a glitch i encountered in which Ezio's head becomes droopy like some sort flat liquid when he fell off a side a building. His body ragdolled but the face fell into the ground then the game froze.

Calm Down Sunshine3240d ago

They're also insisting that we continue to play as Desmond.

Just abandon that side of the story, please... I'm sure no one will mind.

Calm Down Sunshine3240d ago

People like Desmond? Howcome? Would you not rather just stick to being an assassin without the interruption?

Dark General3240d ago

Story purposes. The whole buildup has been for the bleeding effects to finally sync up with Desmond and you run around the city in 2012 trying to stop modern Templars. That and the interactions with Lucy and the guy from the Abstergo.

peowpeow3240d ago

I haven't thought about it properly myself, but would a game possibly work with a modern assassin since we have guns and all? I'd originally hoped during AC1 that we'd end up assassinating people in modern times, but thinking about it I'm not sure how it would work?

Jezuz3240d ago

It's still a fun game

PS3 Supremacy3240d ago

The one problem I kinda had was with the ending. Sequences 8 and 9 felt kinda...rushed. As in that they were rushing us to get to the end of the game. And all the stuff in the end with Desmond and all that sci-fi material felt kinda forced as well.

ThanatosDMC3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Watch them make a DLC out of it. Remember AC2 missing Sequence? It was very noticeable when we met the famale character and we had to bring a boat to her then after rescuing her nothing else happened. Then they release a DLC for her missions.

fooltheman3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

there are no missing sequences here.
And I think that brotherhood is more than a side story...
if you saw the end...

ThanatosDMC3240d ago

I actually stopped going through the main story. I know i'm getting closer and closer to the ending. So i just kill soldiers and try to look for flags and feathers and whatever else. It probably has another BS WTF ending... but dont tell me. I dont want to be disappointed or surprised just yet.

MGRogue20173240d ago

That's why I always get multi-platform games for my Xbox 360. Xbox Live has a ton more players

PS3 Exclusives & PS3 MP games like Uncharted 2 & Killzone 2/3 I get for my PS3, of course.

Ether3240d ago

"PS3 Exclusives & PS3 MP games like Uncharted 2 & Killzone 2/3 I get for my PS3, of course."

No shit.

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