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When you're in Tokyo's Akihabara ("Electric Town") district, center for all things anime, game, and otaku-related in Japan's massive capital city, it's impossible to go more than a few feet without seeing an ad, poster, or cosplay girl peddling the latest anime-styled games, whether they're advertising sims, erotic titles, or the newest installment in a long running series of RPGs. The market for all of these is consistently pretty popular, and as a result, shops that line Akihabara's corridor-like streets are garishly stocked with every conceivable otaku-oriented game imaginable. The limelight shelf life of this sort of thing is also frighteningly low, with new displays and setups hitting the district multiple times a month, making it all but impossible for anyone but the most die-hard enthusiasts to keep up with the shift. Suffice it to say, to the casual observer it's pretty tough to tell any of these games from one another, but there are a couple of common elements found in most:...

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