More Stolen Nintendo 3DS Photos Surface

"Earlier today RipTen reported that several pictures, and a video, of a stolen Nintendo 3DS have hit the Internet. These pictures and video were supposedly taken by someone working in the factory where the Nintendo 3DS hardware is being manufactured. Now even more pictures of the device have surfaced ..."

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CrzyFooL3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Looks sick.

Pretty sure they are going to cut that guy's hands off when they catch him however.

bfenty3236d ago

Stealing this was not a good career move. Or life move.

captain-obvious3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

i hope that there is an option to actually turn off the 3D function

i mean
i don't want to get crossed eyed due to long gaming periods

KingNintendoFanboy3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

It is possible to turn off the 3D effects. On the right side of the 3D screen is a 3D Slider. When it's all the way down the screen will display in 2D and not 3D.

Sarcasm3235d ago

Eh it's not like they stole it and leaked it BEFORE they announced it.

This isn't Playstation after all.

White-Sharingan3235d ago

@captain-obvious- There is a switch to turn off, and even control the 3D scale on the side of the console

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qface643235d ago

whoever stole this was an idiot they could have at least waited until they actually installed the bells and whistles on the thing

jaredhart3235d ago

he's probably a dirt poor Chinese factory worker and got paid tens of thousands of dollars.

Hitman07693236d ago

I seriously hope 3DS is a good game system, somehow I have my doubts....

Kreyg3235d ago

Nintendo always seems to make some great hardware, it's just they seem to lack in the game library. If you've seen some the 3DS titles coming out, I don't think we need to worry about that this time.

schlanz3235d ago

You've gotta be kidding me... have you ever even owned a Nintendo handheld? The game libraries are legendary, from the first Gameboy all the way through the DS.. tons of games covering pretty much every genre. 3DS will be no different, obviously, considering the 70+ games already announced for it.

Pacman3213235d ago

Didn't you see the collection of games that were in production for 3DS at E3?
Including MGS: Snake eater 3D?

Kreyg3235d ago

@ SCHLANZ: I should have been more specific so that way people like you didnt get all "ZOMG ARE YOU KIDDING" with a giant stick up your butt.

The DS and Wii are more what I was talking about -- more specifically the DS. The games seemed to be designed for kids and senior citizens. My smoking coach, my spanish coach, horsez, petz, catz, my imagine babies, my imagine fashion show, and the list goes ON.

you're gonna sit here and tell me that those are "legendary" games?! The DS library is LITTERED with crap like that. The Wii isn't any better either.

Hey man, I'm sorry I cramped your style. I'm sure while you sit there and play My Imagine Babies you go "OMG LEGENDARY!" Srsly before you ask someone are they kidding you, why not look into what the DS really has to offer. The DS has also been out since 2004, it's had a significant amount of time to build it's library.

For every 100 games that are released, 2-3 appeal to more hardcore gamers. Sure it has Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, and all that jazz, but as I said, it has 100 games of crap to every 1-2 games that is actually worth playing.

While it has some good games, it really does lack in that department for more of the hardcore gamers who don't like that kind of stuff, but again -- sorry for cramping your style.

I never said anything bad about the 3DS' library at launch. It has some amazing titles. ESPECIALLY MGS.

schlanz3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Bit of a late response, but oh well.

You really ought to take another look at the DS library. I believe you are taking it for granted. Yes, there is a LOT of shovelware on it, but lets not kid ourselves; this has been an issue for most handheld systems.

It's a tad silly to bring up the "imagine" series as if that represents 95% of the library of the DS. If I may, I'd like to reference gamerankings as a source regarding the quantity of quality games on the system.

There are just over 100 DS games with an average over 80, and almost another 100 (92) games between 75-80. I know modern gaming conventions say that anything in that last range is "bad", but a 75 game for DS is typically much more palatable than a 75 game for a console.

There are actually a TON of "hidden gems" in that 75-80 range that are very popular in the DS community, such as Retro Game Challenge, Big Bang Mini, Etrian Odyssey trilogy, Knights in the Nightmare, Kirby Superstar Ultra, Suikoden Teirkries, a few Final Fantasy games, DQ IV, Infinite Space, Megaman ZX and ZX advent, Kingdom Hearts, Hotel Dusk, Rune Factory, a few Ace Attorney games, Starfy, ect. Those games are all actually quite good, and those are just some of the sub-80 games.

Now, the best comparison to the DS library has to be the GBA library, which is widely accepted to be the best handheld library of all-time. The GBA has 90 games over 80%, and about the same number between 75-80 where a lot of hidden gems lie. Just going by the numbers, the DS edges it out a bit, of course it really just comes down to opinion and personal taste. Either way you boil it, that's a lot of games on both platforms that scored well.

It really doesn't matter how much shovelware is on either system. Be there 1 or 100 Imagine games, it doesn't change the fact that there are literally hundreds of games ranging from pretty good to downright excellent.

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Godchild10203235d ago

I don't care so much for the the 3D screen (while it is good, its not a major buy for me). I want to use the analog stick to play Pokemon and some Zelda.

Batmau53235d ago

Looks brilliant, cant wait to see the "Lite".

Max Power3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

or "Color"...wait a minute

Otheros003235d ago

You guys forgot the sp, micro, and ts version.
ts = triple-screen

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