Nier will become a saga

With its European launch in last April, Nier became a little surprise in the market, but the plans are to make it a saga.

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christheredhead3239d ago

i actually liked neir a lot. it combined elements from a bunch of different games but it was still unique and interesting in its own way. a saga would be pretty sweet if they could pull it off.

MicroSony3239d ago

Dont forget the soundtrack, it was epic. One of my best this year.

christheredhead3239d ago

thats true. the soundtrack was absolutely amazing.

Kalowest3239d ago

Nier is awesome( for the $15 i spent).

Cheeseknight283239d ago

I can't believe it's actually getting a sequel. I loved Nier and beat it faster than I beat most games (and I did it 4 times to boot!), I cannot fathom why critics hated on it so much. Thanks to RPGfan for giving it scores it deserved.

If Nier can get a sequel there is hope for just about any franchise.

Spenok3239d ago

Except for the games that deserve them so such as Jade Empire, Chrono Trigger (a real sequal), Beyond Good and Evil, etc etc.

Now dont get me wrong here, i loved Nier and am excited for a sequal. I was just mentioning the last part of your comment.

midgard2273239d ago

where is that legend of dragoon sequel??? hellooooo?

Cheeseknight283239d ago


True enough, but I happen to LOVE Chrono Cross. I have difficulty placing Trigger higher than it in terms of preference, they are very, very close in my eyes. If you meant a real sequel meaning a sequel that actually follows it, there are more than enough nods to Trigger present in the game.

As for BG&E, they are re-releasing it over Arcade next year in HD. If it goes well we may see a sequel.

Calm Down Sunshine3239d ago

I believe it was slammed by critics because it didn't bring anything new to the table, it simply mixed and matched portions of other games and failed to establish it's own identity/gameplay style.

Games have moved on nowadays, pink balls are no longer the greatest threat to gamers, it's a shame Nier hadn't seemed to grasp this.

But then again, I'm not a massive fan of this kind of RPG. So perhaps I missed something.

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TheDivine3239d ago

Me too. Loved it, well still playing. Art and atmoshere reminds me of an ico game. Great story and art/world but the combat was kinda boring. Great though. I heard cavia went belly up after this game. They also helped with blue dragon i think along with artoon. They were scheduled to make the third mistwalker game cry on but it got canned. Damn shame, wouldve been epic. Cant believe ms canned it thinking an arpgs wouldnt sell well. Looked like the last guardian/majin but as a rpg. Guess they gave up on japan thus giving up on rpgs. Oh well the last story will be loved on my wii but it shouldve been lost odyssey 2. Best jrpg ever.

Cenobia3238d ago

In my opinion the game was just okay. It was better than I had expected, but playing it wasn't actually that fun.

The most annoying things were fishing, which was completely broken (but luckily only required once) and the text missions. I fell asleep reading those stupid lines of text. The short story during the replay of the game was at least interesting, but it would have been a whole lot better if I got to play as the character that it was about rather than replay the same person doing the same things. And a cutscene is always more interesting, but I realize they must have had severe budget restraints.

I liked that they added a bit more to cutscenes during the second play through, but I just couldn't keep playing because the actual playing of the game just wasn't very fun. The levels were also not fun to navigate, despite their ICO-inspired architecture.

I was enjoying the story and mythology of the world, but the ending kind of lost me (in an almost typical anime fashion). They don't really explain the big picture, which gets me confused about the characters stories. They explain a lot, but I never felt like I fully understood what had happened and what the ending meant for the future. I assume some of this is explained in more depth during multiple play throughs, but I couldn't get through it.

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Xof3239d ago

Nier was a bit of a cult hit: most of the people who played it, and could get around the hideous character design and atrocious animation... really, really loved the game.

Though I don't know how well it could stand being made into a saga. The story of Nier was wrapped up fairly well, which would mean any further stories would have to take place in the same world, but several decades removed.

Which, actually, is how I prefer my sequels.

Definitely keeping my eyes open for more Nier stuff. Hell, just thinking about it makes me want to play the game some more.

maniacmayhem3239d ago

I agree, the character designs were vomit inducing. but if you stuck with it, it really paid off.

Arup023239d ago

Lets hope the second game will be better than the first.

aPerson3239d ago

If those disagrees are anything to go by, it looks like some people don't want the sequel to be an improvement over the first game. That's odd...

Cheeseknight283239d ago

I feel like they are disagreeing with his comment because he's implying that the original is a poor game.

GuruStarr783239d ago


Nice to see a good game get some love..... This was one of my top games this year.

What I really liked about it was the super-fast action - RPG style, with some of the best characters and storytelling.

If you skipped all the bad sidequests, the game still clocked in at over 40 hrs, and had like 3 or 4 endings....

Check this one out if you have not.....I'm thinking about diving back into it again now :)

Lavalamp3239d ago

I'm really really really excited to see the Nier universe become expanded upon. I actually just found out yesterday that Cavia's previous game, Drakengard, had an ending that actually laid the groundwork for Nier's premise. But the thing I'm really concerned with is the studio behind the future titles. Cavia was absorbed and disbanded by AG Interactive and the mastermind behind the game, Taro Yokoo, is going to leave the company. How can Nier still be Nier?

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