GameInformer: Grand Theft Auto V Wish List

With each edition of its phenomenally popular Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar has raised the bar for the open-world genre. Beginning with GTA III, which brought its 2D template into three dimensions, and culminating with the epic Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008, the series has redefined the experience of video games and had an impact on a wide range of genres.

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GWAVE3235d ago

That list is pretty good. I'd like GTA5 to have:

- more freeform mission system. Why should I have to drive all the way across town, stand in a colored circle, and then drive all the way back across town to get to the objective?
- bring back the customization. San Andreas is still the most freeform GTA game to date. It has lots of customization and a lot of crazy things you can do. GTA4 was a huge downgrade in this department.

blumatt3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Bring back everything from San Andreas! I want to be able to go on missions on my terms. I want to be able to go to the gym and get buff (and affect my stamina), I want to be able to get girlfriends on there like on S.A. I also want an easy-to-use cheat code input system like on the PS2 GTA games. I could put in cheats faster than the system could keep up back then. I was spawning tanks so fast the frame rate was almost non-existent. lol And I know it can't happen nowadays, but PS3 exclusive would be cool too. At the very least I want a GTA PS2 collection HD for PS3 to come out sometime soon.

Arup023235d ago

" And I know it can't happen nowadays, but PS3 exclusive would be cool too" Why? Just for you throw this in the face of the 360 owners? If the game is on both platforms, more people can play it.

blumatt3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

The reason why I say that is so the game can be better and bigger. Not being a fanboy about it. I just want a GTA with as much polish as an Uncharted game, ya know. Would be cool to see. I know it's not gonna happen; that's why I said it like that.
----------------------------- -
@ trainsinrdr
That would be cool, too.

trainsinrdr3235d ago

no girlfriends or friends or any person u hang out with they are the most annoying thing in all gta games
they should make so that you can call another player to hang out or go on a date with online lol

darthawesome903234d ago

I love the settings listed in the article like Moscow, East/West Germany, or London.

I would like to see the return of tanks and a little less realistic health damage (not the graphics but the gameplay). For example in Vice City and San Andreas I could actually have the army come and have a last stand against 30 NPC's.It's a lot more fun to cause mayhem without being slaughtered by 5 cops like in IV.

Niko was ok in IV but he bored the hell out of me. Give the main character an interesting personality.

Lastly a story like the movie Scarface or Godfather would be appreciated.

DeadIIIRed3234d ago

@darthawesome90 Yes! I want my tank. One of the best parts of GTA for me was wondering what the tank would look like and then finally getting your hands on one.

Also, every GTA borrows heavily from movies like the ones you listed. Go back and play Vice City and watch for Scarface references.

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toaster3235d ago

How about just a decent game? GTAIV is the worst in the series, everything about the game made me want to vomit. Rockstar can't get much lower than GTAIV.

blumatt3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

"made me want to vomit"... "clean it up with comet, Earf is mah plahnet!" lol Sorry had to. haha (Malibu's Most Wanted reference)
Oh and I forgot about jumping out of planes and parachuting. And jumping off the big mountain on that one island and parachuting or just jumpin off in a car. lol San Andreas was just plain fun!

Arup023235d ago

What the hell? What is so bad about IV? It was a very good game, the best GTA that i've played.

Zydake3235d ago

To tell you the truth IMO the reason why GTA IV failed was due to the fact that they tried to use cartoonish type of characters into a "life-like" environment.

But when you see LA Noire they use actors to stimulate actual detectives, cops, etc.

? I won't think any1 will understand my post LOL

Cenobia3234d ago

The thing I hated most about GTA IV were the characters. I didn't like many of them and most of the time nothing ever came of them. For example, nothing is ever resolved with your first girlfriend...she just disappears from the game forever, and is only used to open new missions up. I would have at least liked a mission where you determined her fate, or even just encountered her again.

The ending is also manipulative and that mission was actually broken when I played it the first 50 times (I am not joking or exaggerating, it took at least 50 play-throughs to catch the helicopter in the speedboat, no matter how fast I went...and I think it was because I had been driving in first person view).

Despite the realism of the world, I think I only cared about 2 of the characters throughout the entire game, but I still didn't want to go bowling or waste time playing any of the other stupid mini-games.

The multiplayer was also atrocious, due to insane lag, idiot hosts and auto-aim.

Overall I didn't really enjoy it. Hopefully GTA V is a huge improvement.

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pain777pas3234d ago

Can we have character creation like Saints Row male or female? What do yo guys think?

mike90773235d ago

If rockstar releases another GTA game I dont think it will even be called Grand theft auto 5. I think they will do something a little similar like they did after Grand theft auto 3. It will be Grand theft Auto(Some City Name). Anyway im really hoping for a much better story this time around I barely even touched the multiplayer aspect of GTA 4 so hoping their main focus is on SP.

alex33693235d ago

free roam with friends is by far the best aspect of the game..... just my opinion

Led-Zeppelin3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


MintBerryCrunch3235d ago

more interactivity with the AI citizens

could you imagine the police racially profiling the characters in the would be all over the news sites

VenomProject3235d ago

1) More mission diversity

2) More accessible buildings

3) Drop the stiff controls from GTAIV

Do these things, Rockstar, and I shall be a happy camper.

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