Kinect Offers New Ways To Torment Little Brothers

What may be most surprising about this video in which a younger brother is thoroughly griefed by his elder brothers, but that he's such a good sport about not being able to play Kinect in peace.

It may also be the first recording of a Kinect griefing via Shake Weight, pirate sword and glass of chardonnay. Whatever it is—it's not news—but it sure looks like delightful little brother torture. I wish I had someone to torment like this.

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TheDarkness3239d ago

Lmao the dildo exersise thingy

MintBerryCrunch3239d ago

would have been funnier to see how the camera reacted to all the movement lol

trippyaaron3239d ago

i dont think there was even a kinect there lol

HeavenlySnipes3239d ago

to you too lady....

They are having more fun doing this than actually playing the game.

clixx333239d ago

How to make a bad game fun?

DrRichtofen3239d ago

I thought I'd never say this but I'd rather have a Wii.

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