Versus: The WWF Attitude Era vs. the Current WWE Era (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook starts on a controversial note, comparing two completely different eras in the WWE, in both programming and video games. Where do you stand?

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stonecold33244d ago

the wwf attitude era is was way alot better than today austin rock were ahead of there times john cena and randy orton will never replace thses guy . peace out ps no longer watching wwe because theres no austin or rock in anymore

pain777pas3244d ago

The only guys worth watching are Orton and Edge. They could be good in either Era. I think the Sheamus and Kofi are the only up and comers that have the whole package in and out of the ring. Del Rio, Miz and Morrison could be good if used right. Undertaker and Rey are not considered current superstars so they are exempt from the mess that is WWE today. I also like W. Barrett.

trounbyfire3244d ago

cena sucks and orton was cool to me then he turned face and i couldn't take it anymore. WWE is so stupid now and the writing is awful. I see more botches then ever before.

the mexican guy has an armbar finishing move right but it is some how a submission. if your arm was in an armbar you tap ASAP. then he doesn't even apply it right and i am like really.

i watched a little wwe because no house or the event came on today.

the games are much better now though

pain777pas3244d ago

The games will always be good. I must admit having your own entrance music kind of sealed the deal for me. I like the games they are still great fun.

Gr813244d ago

That none of these Current WWE Jabroni's would have a set big enough to Go One On One with The Great One.

And compared to the Attitude era, this current kid friendly era is a great big pile of Grade A Monkey Crap-

If ya sm-you Candy Asses know the rest.

Megaton3244d ago

I started watching WWF during the WCW wars and the Attitude era (even attended Wrestlemania 2000), then fizzled out sometime around 2001. I started watching again in 2005 and stopped around 2007.

Even when I started watching again in 2005, it didn't hold a candle to all the shenanigans of the Attitude era. I doubt the WWE will ever be that good again.

Objective3244d ago

It was a lot more hardcore in the past.

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