Microsoft finally acquires

It seems that Microsoft was finally able to acquire ‘‘ as can be seen from the DNS records of the url. It was a bit strange that Microsoft released Kinect almost 2 months ago and did not have a website about it on, but they must’ve been in some legal battle about it.

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blumatt3235d ago

Probably made several million dollars by selling MS the site.

Blaze9293235d ago

no doubt. people do this all the time.

RedDragan3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

It was £134,000,000 actually, and yes... I have already bought a house and a car and boat. I AM ON A BOAT!

ScentlessApprentice73235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Imagine if someone were to go ahead and purchase a domain name for a major potential future product like "" or "". Having the foresight to do such a thing could really pay off, but then again the circumstances and the potential ways major corporations can circumvent from buying high from a domain holder are plenty. Such as Microsoft just going ahead with "" or Sony just going with "". A good amount of buying low and selling high in this type of transaction is based on luck.

gamingdroid3235d ago

Well it is actually much more complicated than that. It used to be that you could make millions owning a domain name back in the 90's, but that has since changed. If a trademark holder sues you for holding their domain name (especially if it is just parked), the company can essentially take your domain name.

If you own a potentially valuable domain name that potentially infringes on somebody's trademark, better make use of it right now and build a history to prove in a court of law that you aren't just out to make money of the trademark holder's brand!

RedDragan3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

The only way to get away with it is to put relevant information wiki style on the page, because as gamingdriod has already (and correctly) stated, a parked site will mean you have scope to make any money from it.

So for instance, if you were to secure then you would need to start populating that site with information relevant to Windows8. That would be pretty hard considering we know next to nothing about it lol...

These companies always win.

reckoner3235d ago

Internet real estate is getting harder to come by these days. I wish I had registered a bunch of simple domain names in the early 90s (,, etc) and kept them until a bunch of companies would put up millions to have that name a few years later during the Internet boom.

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koehler833235d ago

Naming a product in this day and age without first securing the web domain is dumb dumb dumb.