Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Review (Wii)- Gameplaybook

Crave's latest game, based on the Discovery Channel series of the same name, simply isn't worth the catch.

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Bathyj3243d ago

What spins me out about Deadliest Catch is how docile the crabs are. Must be that cold water.

Where I live, crabs will take your thumbs off. They're very aggressive and can exert incredible pressure in their claws.

You cant just grab them like your loading apples in a barrel, you wouldnt even be able to touch them in a group like that.

They're lucky, their job is hard enough, but our crabs would make it near impossible.

Lucreto3243d ago

They are very aggressive in the show. You see some of the crew missing fingers because a crab crushing them. They have to break the own claw off the crab to free themselves.

Also I am sure they edited out most of the crab attacks because they can't film all 50 or 60 pods on a boat.

Bathyj3243d ago

Fair enough, I've never noticed that on the show, but where they might be aggressive like a pitbull, mudcrabs are agressive like velocirapters.

I'm not trying to get in a pissing contests but have you ever seen Finding Nemo where the crabs bare their claws on sight and say hey, hey as if to say watch it buddy, you dont want any of this.

Its so funny because thats what they're like and anyone whose handled them knows you cant just noncheloantly grab them out of a bucket or cage like they do on the show. When crabbing they need to be individually tied up so you touch them.

Close_Second3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I swear, Nintendo gaming is definitely a mixed bag. It offers some of the best exclusives but a majority of the shovelware.

TheDCD3243d ago

No kidding. It's amazing how much crud we have to wade through to get to the good games.