Activision Touts 600 Million Hours Invested by Call of Duty: Black Ops Players

The most pirated game of the year also attracted record numbers of legal users in 2010 as it turns out. The publisher has announced that more than 20 Million "Black Ops" players have run around shooting things together for more than 600 million combined hours.

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TurismoGTR3241d ago

thats a lot of hours wasted.

Focker4203241d ago

I haven't touched black ops since GT5 released. I'll be trading it in towards DC Universe next week.

Active Reload3241d ago

It sounds like you own the PS3 version. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

saoco3241d ago

yea same here. im hooked on gt5 and heinekens!!!

ATi_Elite3241d ago

Well I'm a PC gamer which by the way has the Superior version PERIOD that you can also play online for Free so Focker420 trading in his PS3 version actual works out for the best seeing how there are plenty of other EXCLUSIVES to play versus a mindless multiplat that some have to PAY just to play it ONLINE.

Sorry Couldn't help myself

black Ops does prove one more time that Piracy isn't stopping publishers from making a ton of money, I don't condone piracy but a good game that people like will sell. The Wii and all it's games are FREE if you got a gaming PC but the Wii has outsold PS3 and 360 so Piracy is just a lame excuse for lame developers.

Dave13513240d ago

I started playing PC version and i was amazed how much better the graphics are and if you have a favorite level you can play it over and over thanks to dedicated servers! PC ftw

scar203241d ago

Come on guys get sum fresh air and sun it ain't gonna hurt you xDDD.

Zydake3241d ago

omg LOL how did I know it was that clip LOL.

Commander_TK3241d ago

Just wondering about a thing: If this was KZ3 or another PS3 exclusive, u would've said the exact opposite, right?

C L O U D3241d ago

I have not even "invested" 24 hours into this game.

Shackdaddy8363241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I haven't "invested" 5... Its just too boring.

zackacloud3241d ago

They does turns to zombies without any doubt


-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Love how people who don't even have the game come to shit on it. Talk about accepted trolling. If this was, say, Killzone or Halo that comment would have been marked down fast.

I have invested a good amount of hours at second prestige. Enjoy the game a lot. Split-screen online is what keeps me coming back. Others seem to enjoy it too, so good for them.

PinkFunk3241d ago

People on N4G just don't like Activision, it seems. Power to them, power to the players who bought the game; I don't give a shit.

I personally don't like how Activision seems to care solely about numbers, though. Keyword: seems. I don't know what Kotick is really like; maybe he does care about quality. 600 million this, 20 million that... Shitty publisher, good video game engine, as far as I know.

Hey, if you enjoy playing it, ain't nothing wrong with that. I remember sinking round 60 hours into COD4 (often passing controller back and forth between friends), and though that may not compare to others out there, I certainly enjoyed it enough to invest my time into it. Every other COD iteration post-COD4 seem to run on the same engine, with different skins/maps/storyline, so I'd imagine i'd probably enjoy playing them too. ...but I don't feel like it.

I'm not trolling am I? You're a troll, I'm a troll, we're all trolls! Hehe.

Active Reload3241d ago

I think people are just bummed out about it not performing exactly the same on each platform initially. Is it better now on PS3 Alpha?

-Alpha3241d ago

I have had minimal issues on PS3. But freezing, framerate, and lag I have experienced, just not as badly as some seem to think.

Framerate is fine now, though not as smooth as MW2, lag is standard like in any other COD game (fine for the most part), and freezing is very rare but I HAVE had my PS3 freeze at least TEN times in the beginning. Very annoying.

I enjoy the game though. Can understand why people hate Activision, I do too, but I enjoy the game so Play what I like

xGet_In_There3241d ago

what do you play on, if you don't mind me asking? I play on PS3 and although it has many problems I somewhat still enjoy it.

DarkSpawnClone3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I love black ops,when I first played the ps3 version i expected a tun of lag,cheating,glitches and freezing every 10 mins,when that is not the case at all it has the same problems as every call of duty i have played this gen has but yet i love it more then any call of duty game this gen Because of online split-screen MP and zombies.the game is really fun and well balanced with all the weapons,i was playing this afternoon and i got the game winning kill,i got a crouch shot with the crossbow in TDM LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.