PS3 Hack Changes Nothing

Revolt-Tech Writes:

The last of the major platforms to fall to hackers, the Sony console has finally been cracked. “PS3 security in tatters” says famously loved/hated hacker GeoHot after releasing the Metldr key for the console. According to hackers, this security breach that finally felled the giant was an almost hilarious oversight by Sony who failed to encrypt the Playstation 3 Root Key, which is basic procedure for almost any hardware manufacturer. Though this is being toted as groundbreaking news all over the internet (Everything is groundbreaking on the internet) the real implications of the Playstation 3 being cracked are not nearly as dismal as many may think. Lets go over a few reasons as to why the hack will not cause the sky to fall:

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writersblock3239d ago

If anything it'll help sony's sales XD

Pedantic913239d ago

Hardware wise, Software though............

Nitrowolf23239d ago

i don't think it will be that bad for software sales, if anything i think they will still increase regardless. I mean if hardware sales increase whats going to happen when they ship their console if they are under warrenty still? No fix then for them either. But anyway PSP is really the only console that was badly affected by hacking in Software, i don't see that being a major issue for PS3. It will continue to live on like it has the previous 4 years.

tdrules3239d ago

I doubt that will change much, the best selling PS3 game of all time is a Call of Duty one, and everyone plays that online...

thong_pounder3239d ago

no one has time to download 40 gigs game or the money to spend on the disk.

FailOverHero3239d ago

Pretty sure people said the same thing about PSP hack. It changes nothing!! Years later, the PSP has 65 million units sold, impressive yes? No, not when those sales do not translate to software sales. PSP has an attach rate of less than 3 games sold per PSP. It has sold less games than any 7th generation console, it is the only console with less than 200 million software units sold this gen.
Why is PSP so affected and wii and x360 ok? Simplicity.
It takes more work to hack a wii or 360 than it does to hack a psp, people are lazy and if the risks and labour outweigh the gains then they tend to just leave well enough alone.
This is however not the case with the psp and now the ps3. With zero modding and practically no skills necessary, you can hack a ps3. You can sign just about anything and PSN and your PS3 will run it like it was official.
I'm not trying to spread doom and gloom here but you people need to stop being so naive about this. This is real and in the wrong hands, it is potentially crippling. Do not let this candy coating lull you into a false sense of security. The doors have been gently bust fact they removed the doors and sony will have to build new doors(new ps3 hardware ala psp 3004) to solve this
PS, in case you missed it, this is undetectable online because it uses official keys. If you think people will stay away because they want to play COD online, you're sadly mistaken. PSN won't know the difference. Wish I could explain it in more laymans terms but I cannot. No doors people, no alarms, no patches, no fixes.

wizzle523239d ago

Indeed,I dont know if Sony are still selling the PS3 at a loss, but im pretty sure they make their money in software sales.

This will change everything, looking at the hack sites, its literally less than 10 people (inc GeoHotz) working on apps to find 'keys' for various ps3 firmwares. The masses (Pirates) then start wetting themselves waving fingers at Sony saying Custom Firmware round the corner. The point is that an app has not yet been released that can sign homebrew. All they know now is that it is possible. Which means all the 'backup loaders' will be able to run on a ps3 which has not been jailbreaked. Only thing thats been released that is worthy of note is a tool to create .pup (update files) but without the right knowledge, this will just brick the ps3. Time will tell but i can see Sony going full out to fight this.

Anon19743239d ago

Doesn't matter. This author nailed it. How many people are going to be downloading 40-50GB games all the time? Not many. You won't be able to use these games online because Sony already has the PSN locked down and the newest games require the newest firmware anyway. So people are going to hack the PS3, then rewrite the games themselves to not check for updated firmware?

Let's face it. If someone wants to pirate games that bad they're just going to do it on the 360. That has a straightforward hack, 360's are cheaper, games are smaller. Why on earth would you go through all the hassle to hack the PS3 when the 360 has been available to pirates for years, cheaper and without any hassle? Besides, the bulk of games release are available on both platforms anyway.

The_Ultimate_Guy3239d ago


With the PS3 now open, what is stopping pirates to write a code that allows you to save the game onto the harddrive. Like what PSJailbreak allowed? Only this time, any game can be saved. You don't need to download a game if you can rent it or borrow it from a friend and just copy it onto your harddrive.

No downloading. No costs of purchasing Blu-ray drives to burn, no cost of Blu-ray discs.

The only cost will be for a larger harddrive to store all the games on. And thanks to Sony, you can buy larger harddrives and swap them into the PS3.

nycredude3239d ago

Ultimate guy

SO you still have to rent a game to do this. Add in the cost of hardrives which is pretty affordable but when exclusive games are so large you telling all those people crying about mandatory installs are going to rent a game and downloadit to hardrive. Most older games cost freaking less than $20 anyway and with all the deals available it's cheaper to buy your games than hack and to get games for kind of free (gotta rent). Okso you will download. How long to download a 15 gig game? How much bandwith? Come on add it all up only retards would hack their Ps3 for free games.

TBM3239d ago

meh it means nothing to me. i'll still be buying my games as i like have physical media. plus the system it too damn expensive for me to mess with lol.

Ultraplayerxp3239d ago

Who's crazy enough to download 20-30 gb of data you say?
While I don't support piracy, you guys obviously don't live where I do. Here, other people download it for us, we just pay them to transfer it to the system.

saladthieves3239d ago

It is true though...well at least half of it. People just want to know the insides of the console and they have. All they wanted to know was figure out how its inner parts work, but this always comes down to piracy, even though that is not intended. People will start copying games and KABOOOM!! Piracy for the PS3 will start. There is a technical side though, one that will just be a bit of a challenge to these guys copying games. Take for example Uncharted 2, which weighs in at a whooping 25GB. Not everyone these days have a blank blu ray discs, blu ray burners or fast internet to download that. The fact that the games from Sony keep on getting larger and larger (close to 50 GB) that will hopefully discourage these pirates from doing such stuff...i hope.

SCThor3238d ago


Yeah, thats what happen here in Peru. As we speak, TONS of "backup" Blu-rays are sold by as low as $5 or less depending if you want the extras or just the movies. In case you're wondering about the quality, is as good as the original.

Ps3fanbaby3238d ago

no one have time to download 40gb-50 gb of game and everyone knoww that all the ps3 game 50gb.
sony was smart to include blu-ray
even hack its still the best consol ever

n4f3238d ago

some people have time to download huge file and maybe you can dump your game into your hdd. and if they are making custom firmware well its can bypass the online thingy.
just saying

HappyGaming3238d ago

No one has time to download 40GB games but if this is like the PS2 I remembered that I just used to buy pirated games when I was young for $5...

If this doesn't even require you to chip your PS3 people could be buying copies for $10 of eBay it would be so easy and cheap that no one would care if this gets patched.

Dee_913238d ago

will u b able to play online?

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Blaze9293239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

I don't get why people think the PS3 will all a sudden end up like the PSP. Look at the PS2, 360, and Wii - all hacked yet still successful.


disagrees but no one wants to answer the question on why they think this will ruin the PS3 like the PSP...funny.

360's been on the hacked market for years now and still outsells PS3 games? Sooooo what kind of logic are we working here? Doesn't hurt the 360 but it will hurt the PS3? o_O

cemelc3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Cos the actual use for this is to pirate games, thats why you showed your pirate a$$ in the other article.

We had this discussion in the other article check our commnet history for reference.

Edit below:

Of course i would comment youre a pirate thinking everyone is a fool and will never realize what you are. Again if anyone care check it here:

Blaze9293239d ago

the actual use? ROFL there is not even a USE period yet buddy. Get your facts straight. There's nothing to DO with this hack yet at all unless you're a homebrew developer. Nothing is out. Nothing planned is known.

So what do you mean the actual use for this is piracy? The ones who hacked it said the "actual use" was to bring linux and other OS back. What happens after that is fair game.

I knew you'd reply to my comment. You are waaaay to hilarious. keep going buddy.

FailOverHero3239d ago

Allow me to quote myself from a different thread to answer your question
Major difference, wii and x360 need
some sort of modification that can
be detected online to be hacked. This
hack requires ZERO modification at
Let me explain this to you this way,
xbox and wii hacks are like a bunch
of thugs storming into a bank, guns
blazing and getting the cash and
running off with the alarm
Ps3 hack is like getting a copy of the
bank managers keys, along with
every single door code and vault
combination. Simply walk in, take
what you need without triggering
any alarms and waltz out.
Whats my point? There aren't as
many people are willing to do the
work required to hack an x360 or wii
as there are people who would
rather have it easy and with no
If you think this won't hurt Sony
then you haven't seen PSP software
sales. If Vgchartz is to be believed,
PSP has an attach rate of that with PS3's 7.17
and you realise just how much of an
impact easy pirating have.
If attach rates mean nothing to you
then let me simplify
Ps3 sales. 46 million. Games sold 330
PSP sales. 65 million
Games sold 190 million
See what I mean?

Blaze9293239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Hmm...Good points. But thanks for REPLYING and not just disagreeing without reason.

MrBeatdown3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )


Sony has said that if you buy NEW games and play them for the first time while connected to PSN, you get credit for them in the PS Rewards beta. Used games won't get you any points. From what I understand, every game is tagged with a unique identifier, which really is the only way Sony's reward system could differentiate between, new, used, and rentals.

Now, if a game is copied, then played online, Sony knows what copy you are playing because that identifier was copied. So if some pirate makes a copy of a game available, and hundreds of people download it and are playing that online, some simultaneously, all over the world it seems like that would be a dead giveaway that the people playing those games are playing pirated copies. Then the banhammer drops.

So essentially, to use your bank analogy, you've got hundreds of people all trying to get into the vault, pretending they are the bank manager all at the same time. Someone will obviously notice.

I don't see any way for a pirate to get around that, outside of playing offline, in which case, it isn't any different from 360 or Wii.

nycredude3239d ago

Last I checked for all the Wiis out in the wild it's software attach rate is atrocious!

there are more 360s in the wild than Ps3, and with a less than stellar lineup lately why wouldn't the 360 sell more games than the Ps3? It's simpe math. I agree piracy didn't kill the 360 but you are fool if you think it didn't hurt.

Led-Zeppelin3238d ago

You mad cause you got a lot of disagrees? pathetic...

sobekflakmonkey3238d ago

I love how people click disagree or agree like it actually means something....

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gta28003239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

PSP is different though. The size in game files is significantly different. Most psp games when compressed are like 400MB! Rip some files and you can make them really small and easy to download. PS3 games are gonna be gigs and gigs of data. I hope it becomes really difficult for these bummy motherfuckers who pirate games. If you cant afford games...get a fuckin job...if you still cant afford games with your job...get a better job you bums.

Vherostar3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

No online play gotta be the biggest killer though.. Will they ever get that working if not is it worth hacking your console?? Free games but no online gaming.. I refuse to use this anyways I love my online gaming for starters and hacking always leads to problems such as bans and mistakes that can brick your console just not worth it. (Sure people will say only idiots brick and I have a modded PSP to play emulators and never bricked so I don't need to mod my PS3)

fr0sty3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

blu-ray burners are not $250 anymore... this dude's been living under a rock. You can get a dual layer 50gb burner for about $150, but the discs are still $10 for a dual layer. most games don't use dual layer though.

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lugia 40003239d ago

And devs will start to not making games.

DarthRevan3239d ago

Well, you see, theres a reason the article has that title. Perphaps if you read before commenting you'd get it

lol, it should honestly be a requirement that you read before commenting

Silly gameAr3239d ago

First article I've seen that's actually NOT promoting the hack.

DarthRevan3239d ago

True, most people seem to be all for it

I know quite a few PS3 owners though, and none of them seem interested in the hack anyways

sobekflakmonkey3238d ago

Im definitely on that boat, im not down to fuck with my ps3 or 360 orrr wii for that matter...

TheMART3239d ago

Silly gameAr + 41m ago
First article I've seen that's actually NOT promoting the hack."

Also an article that has a writer thats bad informed too bad...

"Online play is not (yet) available:
The average game nowadays has its primary attraction being the online. Many feature only a maximum of 10-12 hours of gameplay but days of online (and start with Call and end with Duty). As of yet, the Playstation Network has been able to keep jail-broken Playstations from playing online. "

He keeps talking about Jailbroken consoles. With the latest leaking of keys the hackers just sign their stuff as it were officially signed Sony software. Thus it can't even be called a jailbreak. If they sign an USB loader like official software, the PS3 can't even notice its not what Sony really made and PSN access will be there.

"Game Size is too big"

Uh no. BluRay size can be max 50GB. Thing is, 97% of all PS3 games also fit on a DL DVD, like the 360 games. A few are bigger, like GOWIII and FFXIII, both around 40GB and a game like Uncharted 2. LittleBigPlanet on the other hand is even fitting on a SL DVD...

"BluRay Disc/Writing
The DVD burner has become a standard feature on PC’s now, allowing you to burn a movie or game with ease from your laptop or desktop. BluRay writers, however, are still a luxury item costing around 250 for an internal drive. The disks themselves are also comparatively expensive, and are only sold in small amounts at a few stores."

Durrrrr thats why there are already USB loaders loading the games completely off HDD> Furthermore, BR writers cost like 100 bucks. I still remember the days that people bought 200 bucks CD writers to just burn some music CD's. The costs of disc have dropped to a couple of bucks. Even IF you had to write BR's/not being able to load of HDD, with 2 or 3 games the costs of the writer would be recouped.

"Features are near-pointless
Some of the “amazing” features that these hacks give are emulators, allowing users to use the Playstation hardware to play NES or SNES games. Emulators that are readily available on the PC should anybody decide they want a nostalgia trip. Many don’t realize that these features were available when the Playstation allowed Linux, and a staggering <1% of users decided to use it. "

That Linux didn't run a Dreamcast emu, like NullDC atm being ported by its creator on PC Raziel. Or the future Wii emulator working with Move, the Wiimote clone.

Ofcourse they're available on PC, thing is, an app on the PS3 works so easy, no need to boot a PC with its OS etc, but instant emu app booting on a console where the games belong. Not on a desktop/laptop with a keyboard...

We've seen this on PSP, it gave so much homebrew besides the emulators even and every PSP user that has softmodded LOVES it compared to the locked original one.

Obviously written by someone that is very limited on the information. If you want to read more:

cemelc3239d ago

"He keeps talking about Jailbroken consoles. With the latest leaking of keys the hackers just sign their stuff as it were officially signed Sony software. Thus it can't even be called a jailbreak. If they sign an USB loader like official software, the PS3 can't even notice its not what Sony really made and PSN access will be there. "

Yeah, by any chance you know that every game has id codes in them??? when 3000000 persons start playing with the same id code you ussuly realize witch consoles you have to ban.

Online will not be possible in the psn, even if they manage to find a hole in it, thats a temporal solution at best. Your best choice is a paralel network of some sort but in psn servers is not possible in the long run.

FailOverHero3239d ago

No, its all the same key, don't you get it. That's the epic fail. Sony didn't randomize.

cemelc3239d ago

All ps3 might have the same key, but the games have an unique id that sony can trace meaning that if someone goes online with the same id as another player at the same time(witch its imposible) you get tagged as a pirate and get banned in the next ban wave.

MrBeatdown3239d ago

According the Sony, each game does have a unique key.

This is how, in the PS Rewards beta, they are able to give you credit for playing new games and not used games, as I explained above in my first comment (1.2.5).

They know a game has been played before because that key is already registered to another PSN ID.

herculese13238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

just like on xbox 360 right? lol. People think sony have these majic tools to sort out in real time which game IDs are running at this point in time and then on top of that take all of those user ID's and put them in this imaginary Ban list. come on. sony hasnt banned anyone yet so why do you think they can or will. untill it happens everything u just said is pure speculation.

sobekflakmonkey3238d ago

@herculese1 your a stupid human...

MrBeatdown3238d ago


How about, if you are going to shoot down what I say, you offer up a reason as to why I'm wrong?

FACT: Sony can differentiate between new and used games. That's how the PS Reward system rewards users for playing new games and not used games or rentals.

How else could Sony do it, unless every game had a unique identifier? How could they know the difference between new and used? If you can come up with an alternative theory as to how they do it, then you can tell me I'm wrong. I'm basing what I'm saying on a logical conclusion drawn from fact. You're just pulling something out of your ass and treating it like it's true.

Oh, and Sony can ban...

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rjdofu3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

What the hell? Putting much effort into fighting for piracy eh?

nycredude3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

SO you telling me these hackers are genius and no one is smarter? You telling me Sony with all their money won't find a way to fight it? COme on man if you know anything about hacking you would know it's a cat and mouse game, give and take. This fight isn't over in the slightest. It just began.

So you go ahead and open your console up to hackers (who don't gives less shit about us than even MS and SOny) I hope your console gets brick or worse you get your personal info/identity stolen. Come back here then and defend hacking.


Leave them be. MAybe when they brick their console, get their info adn indentity stolen, then they can come back and change their tune. The fact is until something happens to you no one cares. It as if a problem doesn't exist if it doesn't happen to them.

herculese13238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

@TheMART at Xboxkings
Couldnt have said it better myself. You hit the nail on the head. Anyone disagreeing with that obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

ChickeyCantor3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"Not on a desktop/laptop with a keyboard... "
Its called a freaking gamepad you snob.

"So you go ahead and open your console up to hackers (who don't gives less shit about us than even MS and SOny) I hope your console gets brick or worse you get your personal info/identity stolen. Come back here then and defend hacking.

This is irrelevant to the point where Homebrew =/= piracy.
use your brain.

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Passthemic3239d ago

Sony only have themselves to blame in this.

joeorc3239d ago

The "XMB" belongs to Sony just like the Windows OS belongs to Microsoft!

there is no excuse no matter what many are trying to claim
Remember LINUX has do be installed by the end did not come preinstalled on your PS3...
it was offered as an "OPTION TO INSTALL"

which people are seeming to overlook.

NOTICE the word Option! even after Sony removed Install other OS out of "their XMB" could you still retain it? Sony removed it off of their XMB unless you an other's are claiming ownership of the PS3's operating system?

which is what these hackers an you are claiming

the simple fact is the Linux that everyone keeps going on an on about an how these hacker's are doing such the world justice for the consumer is pure 100% BS.

the reason why is very simple:

do you own 100% ownership of software?

so unless you make it right who retains ownership of said Software even Linux is open source freely distributable but you do not own the OS?

than lets take that one step further.

do you own the windows xp on your PC?
no you have a licence to run it you do not own it even though you purchase the PC with it or buy a copy of window's.

now lets take that toward where this pertains to the PS3 when you purchase the PS3 you own the hardware..not the software that's on it ESP...the XMB the XMB is the PS3's GUI thus removing Other OS out of the XMB is in full right of Sony ! they did not outright remove linux they removed the option out of the XMB! and it's not like they did it out right they gave the choice.

but here is the kicker did the Slim ps3 come with install other OS inside the XMB at purchase?
No so the hacker's are altering the XMB which is Sony's property. and No one other than Sony can claim ownership to that XMB.

The XMB does not belong to them , but yet people are rooting these Hacker's on because it's a slight against Sony. they are also allowing anyone to "sign code" on a ps3 with their software they are going to distribute.

they talk about security but yet they cannot patroll all the code that gets put out there even free ware IF there is any freeware that is!

IF their Goal is to get linux running on the PS3 without restriction's are they going to help those with bricked PS3's that load programs from other software Homebrew maker's that have less scruples about remote access to your system and get your personal info..hey your PSN ID PASSWORD LOOKS PRETTY GOOD RIGHT NOW A KEY LOGGER WOULD BE A GREAT LIL PROGRAM TO RUN IN YOUR BACKGROUND do you sign into your PS3 online by typing your password everytime or is it auto signed

well it would'nt matter because remember anyone can make signed code run on the ps3 .

that's the problem, they not only want it back on the phat ps3's which i can see why they would but the fact that Sony did remove it off of the Slims before point of sale Out of their XMB which is owned by Sony not these people or me or you Its Sony's code.

ChickeyCantor3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"NOTICE the word Option! even after Sony removed Install other OS out of "their XMB" could you still retain it? Sony removed it off of their XMB unless you an other's are claiming ownership of the PS3's operating system?

which is what these hackers an you are claiming "

The moment they offer something and you pay for it, you have the rights to use your purchase as is. If they suddenly decide to take a feature away, you payed for something that isn't there.

Damn right i have the rights to install linux.
I payed for the damn system back when they icluded the option.

I don't own the OS, but that doesn't mean they can just shift around features and make them "obsolete". They promoted it as is. I purchased it for what is was. Therefor I have the right to have the option to install another OS.