New Details on Test Drive Unlimited 2

First Previews of Test Drive Unlimited 2 revealed more Details of the upcoming Racer from Eden Games. 100 Hours of Singleplayer Gameplay, two Radio Channels, Level-Cap and more.

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Sneak-Out3241d ago

Can´t wait for this Game

aaaaaaaaa3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

same here

AAACE53240d ago

Truthfully, to me, TDU is one of the main innovations of the racing genre. Most of the popular games we know, only add better graphics, more tracks and cars. But TDU was more like an MMO and an rpg combined.

Anyone not looking forward to part 2 probably doesn't like racing as much as they think they do!

kevco333241d ago

Looking pretty good. Probably in my top 10 for early 2011.

lugia 40003241d ago

nope x2. You are terrible.

showtimefolks3241d ago

not terrible but boring even though it was open world it felt like restricted but i will give this game a shot hopefully there is a demo and decent review scores

maybe not day one since 2011 is too packed we all have to pick and choose what is day one and what is buy 2 get one free later on

creeping judas3241d ago

cannot wait!! bring on the 5000mile challenge!!!
like ive said before, i hope the sim handling is available from the start and not as a DLC later on.

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