Kinect Hacks: Real-time (Fake) X-Ray

X-ray glasses are so 2010. Joystiq presents for your consideration this Kinect hack from Technical University of Munich researchers, led by one Tobias Blum, who have created a "magic mirror" that lets you see your own skeleton.

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acere3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )


AAACE53242d ago

It's clear that Acere is a troll!

Why do people continue to doubt anything associated with the 360? Yes it has had it's problems just like any other consumer electronics product, even though for some they won't admit had problems similar.

Either way, the 360 has done some good things this gen and should be respected for that alone! It may not have the graphical power of the ALL POWERFUL, DOES EVERYTHING, GOD IN IT'S OWN RIGHT, PS3... but it has provided tons of entertainment for it's consumers and is still well respected by lots.

MAJ0R3242d ago

wow that looks pretty cool, hopefully MS officially releases this for PC and it could be integrated even better with PC games

Arup023242d ago

You sound retarded, no offence.

On Topic: Nice, i still think that Kinect will be better if officially released on PC

thong_pounder3242d ago

you are a Re-tard

"n4g should have a feature where any one with a 1 bubble should automatically get his comment blocked."

AAACE53242d ago

@Thong pounder... They used to have that feature when N4G was in Beta, but for some reason it was lost when it went up fully!

I think it was probably because fanboys would attack people until they were down to one bubble in an effort to shut them up! This contributed to multiple accounts.

It kinda works out because if someone does bad, they can get their comment blocked if enough people mark them as a troll or whatever they are doing wrong!

candystop3242d ago

You sound like Porky pig with a mouth full of marshmallows.WTF

Ot: This is actually very cool! Can't wait to see just how far the creative minds will continue to take this tech.

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Rainstorm813242d ago

These Hacks/mods for Kinect are the BEST things for the device.

Kinect just doesnt seem like it was developed with Gaming in mind, as much as multimedia functionality

candystop3242d ago

Definitely games were in mind which is why it's fun to play them. More games will be announced soon and nothing wrong I see with exploiting as many possibilities as possible.

MintBerryCrunch3242d ago

why not show off the skull?

Jezuz3242d ago

great, now lets try it on girls....

HolyOrangeCows3242d ago

Female skeletal structures aren't that much different from male's. And in case you didn't know, there's no such thing as a "boobie bone"

...however, if we were to order a pair of X-ray specs from my Superman comic...

Hozi893242d ago

I don't like Kinect, but I will admit...these kinect hacks are pretty interesting. If I got kinect it would be for homebrew stuff more than for the crap MS is putting out.

Daz3242d ago

Its hasnt be out long :P i think people need to give it a chance ;/

Hozi893241d ago

I know it hasn't been out long but the games they released for it were all so mediocre IMO that it barely leaves hope for something great...Now if GOW3 can be played on it flawlessley, then I'll give it a second chance.