Revitalise This – Five Franchises That Need to Make a Triumphant Return

There's a trend going on in game-land at the moment. No, it's not everybody investing most of their lives into Black Ops, nor is it the plethora of casual games that are plaguing the game shelves. This trend is, of course, the decision by many gaming companies to look back to the past for ideas for their latest games, dusting off ancient mascots that have been left in a cupboard for years on end and giving them a little bit of 21st century polish. A few may say it is lazy, going back to the past, but I disagree. Classic franchises such as Sonic, Donkey Kong and Kirby have all recently been given the comeback treatment, and each of their latest adventures has been met with good to extremely good critical acclaim. With this in mind I'm listing ten franchises I would love to see make a return, as spending years in a cupboard really can't be good for any mascots' health. Read on and see which franchises I have chosen to join the current trend of retro-revitalisation.

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Deleting3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

1) I would love if Conker had a sequel, the multiplayer that was brought into Live and Reloaded could be amazing if it was improved on and I'm the sort of person who thinks Multiplayer is unnecessary most of the time. Oh and more Gregg the Grim Reaper.....everyone love Gregg moaning about cats :)

2) In my opinion the third game shouldn't of been included in the main series they should of said it was a sort of spin off or something. It was alright but you felt rushed because of the time limit on almost everything.

3) Jake and Dexter could be a great open world experience if it's done right but Naughtydog is busy with Uncharted 3.

4) Havent played any of them in the series so I can't comment

5) Valve please just give us some bloody info because you have to admit the no news thing is getting old now. L4D2 and Portal 2 have been released and they havent even commented whether or not it's Half life 3 or Episode 3

tunaks13236d ago

I picked up jak 1-3 for less then 15 bucks.
Amazing games. Makes me wish the industry wasnt so focused on printing technical fact sheets, and instead we could have more games like Jak & Daxter.

Cajun Chicken3236d ago

Honestly, sometimes I find it amazing. Pure AMAZING that people have played the 4 first Crash Bandicoot games and both Uncharted games, but totally missed out the Jak and Daxter series. Jak 2 to me, is one of the most finest games ever made.

tunaks13236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I completely missed it last gen, and saw a video about it and I was sold.

Cloudberry3235d ago

I haven't played Jak & Daxter series like ever... : /

I still have my PS2, but finding Jak games is rare in where I live.

I'll probably wait for the Jak & Daxter Blu-Ray collection for PS3.

Cajun Chicken3236d ago

I'm so happy to see a pic of Jak and Daxter here.

Quagmire3236d ago

Especially the pic from Jak 2, when he looked cool. Didnt like his haircut in Jak 3

Cloudberry3235d ago

I want new Breath Of Fire, new Onimusha / PS2 Onimusha Blu-Ray Collection, and the next Suikoden.

KingPin3235d ago

I still want a new soul reaver!! heck, even if its the ps1 game remade in HD il buy it. the story, the voice acting, gameplay, gaphics (for its time)everything was just awesome. to me that was like the "dark" uncharted of ps1. no surprise though, it had Amy Hennig on the project.

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