IGN: Ask Rockstar about L.A. Noire

Rockstar’s latest, L.A. Noire, is coming out in just a few months. This time, Rockstar puts you in the shoes of a good guy. There are no shades of gray — no moral compass to worry about. You’re true blue. Why deviate from the anti-hero formula that made the company famous? What’s the gameplay like? Which system does it perform better on?

You probably have a ton of questions. Well, Rockstar is going to answer them.

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Arup023240d ago

I doubt they will answer my question

SKUD3240d ago

Yes sir. Mine neither.

Commander_TK3240d ago

Well, they won't answer is as good as Team Bondi.

HolyOrangeCows3240d ago

"How much of your time is being put into drinking and ordering hookers and how much is actually being spent on making a game?"

TheLastGuardian3240d ago

Meh, not worth making an IGN account for.

showtimefolks3240d ago

mafia 2 took 5 years and turned out ok/good

max payne 3 where is it?
midnight club where is it?
manhunt 3
bully 2
la:n when is it coming out
agent where is the trailer
are we going to see gta hd collection?(3,vc,sa)
when are we gonna hear anything about gta 5
are we gonna see RDR2?

those are my question and none of them will be answered anytime soon it feel like

EliteDave933240d ago

Haha my Q was give us some info on next GTA already!

downwardspiral3240d ago

kinda hard to ask questions since we don't know that much about the game. They rarely give out info.

Redempteur3240d ago

then just ask about things you wants

i dunno:
how many endings ?
is the full city enjoyable ?
is there going to be gunfights ?
how much freedom during interrogations ?
Will chase sequences be frequent ( like in last year trailer ? )

i dunno , ask

ngecenk3240d ago

can some1 ask them ANYTHING about the agent? anything! :-s