Kinectalloons coming May 2011

Kinectalloons (originally named Balloon in the House) is an upcoming Kinect adventure video game created by JSTV Media. Kinectalloons is based off of the popular Kinect game Kinectimals where you can interact with balloons and do tricks to raise up your level. The Kinect game is set for May in the US and June in Europe.

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Bigpappy3243d ago

A whole new gen of kid games. M$ is about to sell some 360's to those moms who are tired of "the Barney" videos.

FailOverHero3243d ago

Facepalm...thats it, I'm buying a ps3

Focker4203243d ago

It took you until just now to figure that out??

cereal_killa3243d ago

Well there you have it Proof either Bigpappy is either a soccer mom, a M$ employee or both because no one and I mean no one but a pathetic Muppet or M$ employee would defend this crap like the second coming of Jesus.

StarScream4Ever3243d ago

*Stare at title*


B-Real2063243d ago

BAM!!! There it is! Another Microsoft exclusive! Enjoy!

LordMarius3243d ago

Im going to laugh when someone puts this in a list of upcoming 360 exclusives

tatotiburon3243d ago Show
OllieBoy3243d ago

Hey, shovelware counts. Right?

FrankMcSpank3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

You are a troll and bad one at that too. And obviously haven't played Flower. It is one of the most brilliant games that anyone would love to play. It is a simplistic yet challenging game with artistic spleder and originality. I guess LIMBO isn't an Xbox exclusive then? It is also a gorgeous and beautifully creative DLC game. You are a hater. You are a failure.

Afrika is a beautiful photo safari sim. Not for everyone, but so was Wii's Endless Ocean. Something unique. It doesn't have to sell millions to be good or successful.

If games were created by you, the industry would die, because you clearly have no imagination or creative spirit.

Tinasumsum3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Just like you to agree with the PS3 fans trolling and call out a 360 fans responding to the trolls. Did you notice the PS3 fan trolling? of course not because you are a hypocrite troll yourself. Every minute since you joined this site you have been trolling 360 articles.

How do you even know who he is or that he's a troll when he hasn't really commented since before you even joined? 3 comments saying the PS3 fanboys are out of hand? He's right! how is mentioning the amount of PS3 fanboys in 360 articles trolling when he is the 360 fan?

jack_burt0n3243d ago


Dont lower flowers standards (IGOTY2009) by mentioning it in ur mong rants.

That game alone is better than kinect as a whole.

Bigpappy3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Funny you should say that when you guys are all over "Start the party", flowers, "Little Big Planet" and Eyepet. Some people do have kids.

@cereal_killa: I am amused by how serious and passionate you guys are with your rants. May be at some point you will get a job and a few kids and you can sit back and laugh at your own comments. Ill buy the beer.

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FailOverHero3243d ago

Not a Microsoft game...only solace I find, that Microsoft's efforts aren't being poured into this instead of something else good. Sigh...anybody know where I can buy a cheap ps3? If microsoft do not announce anything cool at CES i'm going over to the Dark side for real.

StarScream4Ever3243d ago

The cheapest is the 160GB for $300. Trade in a few things to cut price.

VenomProject3243d ago

Awesome! I can't wait to see more of these amazing exclusives...*snicker*

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The story is too old to be commented.