gamrReview Beta Impressions: DC Universe Online - The First Ten Levels

gamrReview's Chris M. Arnone gives the low-down on the first ten characters levels of the DC Universe Online PS3 beta.

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Duke_Silver3241d ago

I wish they didn't charge by the month, this looks awesome!

Chris3993241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

with massive updates every three months. I was in the beta and they fixed pretty much every issue by the last patch (freezing, voice, UI speed).

I was actually going to wait for a digital version, but I caved and pre-ordered. I have two other friends who did the same after playing the beta (one is a total WoW fiend too, so I was surprised).

The game is just plain FUN. First 30 days are free and if they keep the content coming, I won't be playing anything else till Guild Wars 2 (might pick up the odd PS3 JRPG - Trinity: ZO and Ar Tonelico 3). $15/ month for a year of gaming really ain't bad when you think about it. That's how you have to look at MMOs, small monthly investments for thousands of hours of gaming. People can play CoD for hundreds of hours, now imagine if the single player campaign was a thousand hours long, the game had unlimited multiplayer, 6-8 different classes (power sets in DCUO) and kept adding content EVERY month: for $15 for as long as you want to play. That's what people don't seem to realize about MMOs, if you have a good one, YOU DON'T PLAY ANYTHING ELSE (see: the empire that Blizzard has built). Mathematically, you actually save money.

Another awesome thing about a kick ass MMO, is that once the smoke clears and you start playing something else a year later, all those new releases that you missed out on months ago are in the bargain bin! :)

Summation: DCUO rocks. Much as I wanted it to be another cookie cutter MMO, they've done something really special. Can't wait for the 11th (well 12th for me, as I ordered online).

Kantor3241d ago

I'm a little suspicious of any MMO on a console, but judging by this article, DC could actually be good. About time, too. Wasn't this supposed to launch some 2 years ago?


I've been the beta for a couple of weeks know and I'm loving it...100 + hours of my life that I don't regret losing :)

Check the vids I posted it might help you think about getting the game, I will be adding a ton more once the game drops which is in a little over a week.

BoNeSaW233240d ago

Now I am VERY INTERESTED in this Game and I do not regret a minute of watching them :), ThanX!

Redempteur3241d ago

the article explain what happenned to me ..i also picked wonderwoman as i didn't want to experience the main batman/superman stuff like everyone else will to.

i was pleased . the interface is clear ,the "building/dongeons" are simple yet can be challenging if you're not prepared enough and the 2 boss battles i went through were fantastic.

it's certainly NOT like the regular MMORPgs out there..i love it.. i'm just hesitating .( money & time )
everything was perfect ( including the tutorial level ) except 4 freezes ..( all around the science HQ that place is seriously weird)

despair3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Circe was also pretty interesting as a mentor, the showdown between her and wonder woman was a nice change from the normal battles. People really should choose her more.

Also the latest patches really polished the game, from the tutorial levels to the actual game look, from someone who was in the beta since the 15th nov. it really has improved an amazing amount. Still some balancing issues and a few glitches but nothing even remotely close to what it was before.

Redempteur3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

i'm about to delete the beta and focus on something else
i DO hope some 10 days -free trial will arrive with a Pc/console version in order to appeal to consummers EVEN more..

Torillian3241d ago

I'm personally curious to see what you think of partying when you continue on in the game as that is always a huge part of MMO's. Wonder if there'll be any classes that get shunned like my poor Dragoon in FFXI.


dc universe is awesome, as duke silver said just wish they didn't have to charge the price there asking!


With the amount of content that's already there and the fact the final version has way more levels to go up, missions to unlock and content to get your looking at 1000's of hours of fun for only $15 a month.

Remember the most important thing you only have to pay the months you chose to play it so if other games are going to be taking up that month then just don't pay.

bmw693241d ago

Looking forward to getting my hands on this one

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