2011: The Year of Bioware "There will be a plethora of great games this year coming from top quality developers. However, only Bioware has the depth that no other developer has; more than any other developer, Bioware has the most respect for their community. Right now, I’m waiting for Dragon Age 2 and after that is out, I’ll be waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and once that comes out, I will be waiting for Mass Effect 3. The year 2011 is clearly the year of Bioware!"

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Pandamobile3238d ago

I still can't believe Bioware will be shipping 3 AAA games in 2011.

That's ridiculous.

Letros3238d ago

I think SW: TOR might be in the AAAA game budget =)

Pandamobile3238d ago

Holy shit, the rumoured budget is $300 million dollars. That's unbelievable.

I'd say that counts as AAAAA.

Hope this pays off for them :l

FrankMcSpank3238d ago

If SWTOR can take off with a bang, EA will be quite happy to shove it in Kotick's face. I would like to see the war between the Jedi and the Warlock fanboys sites. I have seen intra-console fanboy wars in a while..

Pandamobile3238d ago

At least with MMO's it's pretty easy to make a retarded amount of money.

If they have a million subscribers at $15 a month, they'll make that $300,000,000 back in under 2 years.

m233238d ago

The only game I'm looking forward to is ME3 from Bioware. I'm not an MMO guy, and Dragon Age is not my type of game. Bioware will definitely deliver though, they are amazing at making games.

These articles need to stop though. You can't label a year on one company whether its Sony or Bioware. It happens every year, "________ will own 2011" it just sounds stupid when you have no idea what is still to come.

GameZenith3238d ago

1. Mass Effect 2 PS3 Port
2. Dragon Age 2
3. Star Wars: The Old Republic
4. Mass Effect 3

= Bioware

I think we have an idea of what is to come....

m233238d ago

I'm not talking just about Bioware, I'm talking about when people say its going to be the year of PS3 or the year of Xbox, when you don't know what the competition has.

GameZenith3238d ago


Well in terms of AAA Titles shipping in 2011, I think we have a pretty clear grasp of what the competition will be like.

I see what you're saying, but there isn't even another developer releasing 2 AAA titles this year let alone 3 like Bioware.

NateCole3238d ago

Yeah. Bio is going all out this year. I think SW: TOR has a serious chance of challenging WOW.

Think about it. Bioware made the best Star wars games sofar and there are literally millions of Star wars fans out there.

Xfanboy3238d ago

Its looking like the year EA gets 3 times as rich..

NYC_Gamer3238d ago

i'm looking forward to every bioware title :)

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