Tony Hawks Demo on PSN Today

Wonderwallweb confirmed yesterday that you were able to download a demo of Tony Hawks Proving ground on Xbox Live, but PS3 fans need not feel left out as a demo for the PS3 will be available on the Playstation Store later today.

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pandabear5064d ago

I imagine this will be the North America Store - doubt we'll get it in Uk - they'll make us do with just Fifa 08!!!

nekon5064d ago

Just make a foreign account..?

Rama262855064d ago

Imagine they release the Skate demo today as well? EA said they sent it to Sony a while back, so they're holding onto to it for a reason.

AliC5064d ago

I'll guess this is a US store only thing, going off previous weeks EU updates.

gEnKiE5064d ago

AWESOME!!! Ive been waiting to play this game! This and Skate! :]

Korosuke5064d ago

Quick question to THPS fans.
What do you think about SKATE ?

I don't care that crap or Im' going to get both!!

MyNameIsNotRick5064d ago

and I like skate even more. It really does feel more like real skateboarding. Just read some of the the previews. I generally agree with what they are saying based on playing the demo. Have fun.

Korosuke5064d ago

I used to be a TH fan, but I lose interest after Underground.
So I just curious about SKATE.
Finally I want to get next-gen console for this. Though I don't decide whether 360 or PS3 yet.

MyNameIsNotRick5064d ago

THPS had gotten stale. I have an 8 year old son. It's one of the few games we can enjoy together. This is the main reason I have kept playing them. Also, Project 8 was allot better due to the slo-mo trick thing.

I've had a 360 since shorlty after launch and have been very happy with it. My first one did break but a new one was shipped within a week. Anyway, you can research all of the pros and cons to each consonle. I'm not going to open up a can of worms here.

AngryHippo5064d ago by far the better game, more challenging, looks ten times better and it captures the true feel of skateboarding. You feel a sense of accomplishment landing a cool combo in Skate, in tony hawk its button mashing central and is ridiculous.

Korosuke5064d ago


Thx again, your considerate answer.
It's sort of hard decision which one I should take.

[PS3] (・ω・` )━( ´・ω・) [Xbox360]

and AngryHippo, thx too for your replay.

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