GameStooge Awards: Technical Categories

Part One of the GameStooge Awards for the games of 2010 takes a look at the Technical Awards. Before we move forward, a warning: these Awards come with spoilers, so if you don’t want to have your experience ruined with any games you haven’t played yet, tread carefully – the videos and some of the text will give away key plot points of various games.

The categories include:

* Best Expansion of the Year
* Best MMO Expansion of the Year
* Best Multiplayer
* Best Co-operative Multiplayer
* Best Graphics (Technical)
* Best Graphics (Artistic)
* Best Sound
* Best Original Score
* Best Song
* Best Writing
* Best Voice Acting
* Best Scene
* Best New Character

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Seijoru3237d ago

How did RDR win best graphics? Should have gone to GOW3.

JonahFalcon3236d ago

Do you know anything about graphics? Do you know how difficult it is for open world games, not closed-corridor games like Gears of War or God of War?

xino3237d ago

trash list...these people clearly do not know sh* about games!

Best Graphics (Tech)- Red've got to be sh**ing me!
GOW3 has best graphics, streamless meaning no loading during game!
If not GOW...then Heavy Rain! WTF RDR? I think I must have played a different RDR, because the one I played look like trash! Yes it was the ps3 version which was a sh* port! I sold the game next one was even online in multiplayer (I bought the game 1 month after release because the game was still in top chart!).

Alan Wake has artistic colour? wtf? again author doesn't know wtf he's talking about.

Best Sound- Bad Company 2 wasn't even nominated O_O

Seriously wtf is best song and best Original Score? GOW3 wasn't even nominated for best original score. Lords of Shadow?

Best Writing nominees- Poker Night at the Inventory...seriously!

Best Voice Acting- no Spiderman shattered dimensions? GOW 3? Heavy Rain? Lords of Shadow?

Not only is this the most ridiculous random list but worst games chosen! WTF is Best Scene!???
I might as well make a Best Box Art if I was to do my list:/

I will avoid this fake journalist site in future! Not only do they come up with trash list but bad chosen games. I can understand it's opinion but come the f*k on. Everyone knows GOW3, Heavy Rain had the best graphics 2010. Xbox fanboys will obviously deny it.

ChickeyCantor3237d ago

"trash list...these people clearly do not know sh* about games!"

Hitler, tone it down.