'Morrowind 2011' Mod Done, Gorgeous, Not Quite Available

Though it is, in fact, the year that Skyrim is set to arrive, gamers still got a touch over 10 months of waiting ahead of them. In the interim, they can bide their time with modder Warwon's "Morrowind 2011" mod compendium.

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FrankMcSpank3236d ago

I looks very good. I hope that Skyrim can bring back that awe we had when we first played Morrowind. Oblivion was good, but it lacked the variety of ESIII. Too many dungeons, portals. Not enough original quests. The painter who was trapped in the painting. That was my #1 unmarked sidequest in ES IV: Oblivion. I wich it had more of those WTF moments, also like Tranquility Lane, or Andale's Our Little Secret(Unmarked) in Fallout 3. I hope for those moments in ESV

pangitkqb3236d ago

Looks like an excellent mod. I hope it becomes available soon so I can use it on my own copy of Morrowind.

zeddy3236d ago

water effects look great but everything else still looks llike shit.

Bigpappy3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

This game is a classic in every sense of the word.

Mcardle3236d ago

jeez some people disagreed with you. It's a Classic in every sense.

fossilfern3236d ago

why does this guy have 3 disagrees hes speaking the truth! Playing Morrowind brings back many memories :)

Solid_Snake-3235d ago

this is n4g dont forget. playstation 2 didnt get it due to its lack in power thats why your getting dissagrees. sony fans got really hurt when told they wernt getting a version.

oh and the xbox did. that just added the final blow lol.

morrowind is respected by every rpg gamer including me. i played the xbox version and just recently bought it for pc. and now with the 2011 mod its gonna be even sweeter.

Hazmat133236d ago

it would be cool if morrowind was a full game to download at the PStore and XboxLive.

HeavenlySnipes3236d ago

How people do this? How do they manage to mod games to have better graphics than the Devs could create??

Pandamobile3236d ago

Because when you mod a game, you can disregard system requirements, and all that stuff.

Plus this game is like 8 years old. The devs had to aim for 2002 hardware when they made it.

HeavenlySnipes3236d ago

but they (by they I mean some random people) made the game look WAYYY better than some current games made by ACTUAL developers.

Pandamobile3236d ago

Again, they can disregard system requirements and just make something look as good as possible.

Downtown boogey3235d ago


hassi943235d ago

I doubt this game looks anyway near as good as 99% of games releasing today, even with the mods, you're over exaggerating.

But, anyway:

1. Developers have deadlines and they need to do other things apart from graphics
2. The modders have hindsight in graphics-design choices that have been proved bad by other games that have come out in that time
3. The technology they are modding these games for are much newer than that of the computers that were directed when the game first came out.
4. They can make the game look at good as they want while most developers have to try cater to a wide audience (low-end PCs).

Also plenty of other reasons, I'm sure.

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DraconicPanda3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

they have 8+ years to do it......

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The story is too old to be commented.