Latest Steam Survey Shows Gradual XP Decline

Valve’s released its December Steam survey figures, showing drops in the popularity of the 32-bit version of Windows XP.

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aaaaaaaaa3235d ago

i agree clinging on to the old OS its just holding us all back,
come on be brave you XP owners make the move

topgeareasy3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

games that use openGL work fine with XP like rage

RedDragan3235d ago

Windows 7 is probably the best Windows I have used. And I remember Windows 3.1 lol...

duplissi3235d ago

DX in general needs to go so that openGL can be used in more games and on more than one OS...

El_Colombiano3235d ago


This times a billion. I can't begin to explain.

saladthieves3235d ago

XP was an epic OS, but I think it's time for people to upgrade and move on!

RedDragan3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Agreed. It was a worthy companion. But like the Jaguar XJS all things have a time and place, no matter how versatile they were.

saladthieves3234d ago

There's a reason Microsoft wants people to retire and move on...the main reason being they want more sales from Windows 7 (Vista is already dead and buried) and another one being that they want to increase their browser market share. They want to get rid of IE 6 which is ancient and frankly STILL around.

Ocelot5253234d ago


everyone who develops websites hates IE and IE6 in particular with a passion

Bolts3235d ago

Amen. Go away XP and take that ancient DX 9 with you.

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karlowma3235d ago

This just in: People eventually stop using old shit.

In other news, Windows 7 is awesome.

AndrewRyan3235d ago

+Bubbles for funniest post I have ever seen.

kaveti66163235d ago

that was the funniest post you've ever seen?

duplissi3235d ago

you must be easily pleased.

vickers5003235d ago

I finally made the switch today, actually. Windows 7 Ultimate is pretty nice, I gotta say.

RedDragan3235d ago

You will be more suprised at how well it handles 32 bit software if you have the 64-bit version.

I am usually the biggest critic of Microsoft, but they finally did something right, Windows 7.

vickers5003234d ago

Yeah, I've had an awesome gaming rig for quite some time now with what I assume to be a 32-bit version of XP (a free, modified version I downloaded a long time ago just as a placeholder temporary OS), and I've heard that XP doesn't take full advantage of multi-core processors or more than 2gb of RAM.

I bought the OEM 64-Bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate from newegg for 180 bucks, and I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase so far.

y0haN3235d ago

Depends on what old shit, XP is still the most used OS worldwide...

GothicFighter3235d ago

True. I've just installed Windows 7 3 days ago. I don't regret it as I have a DX11 video card and in XP I couldn't use it's features. Now I can :)

vickers5003235d ago

I just upgraded today :D

/bragging about my shiny new OS

Bolts3235d ago

About time you guys get with the times. Speaking of which Windows 8 should be right around the corner...

Godmars2903235d ago

Windows 7 isn't crap like Vista. The average PC user can afford to move on.

kasasensei3235d ago

Seven is really a great os. I hope they will support it for long...

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