Phelps on the Case: New Screens from L.A. Noire

Fresh for the new year comes a brand new selection of screenshots from L.A. Noire, focusing on the incredibly lifelike characters of our dark detective thriller coming this spring. Check 'em out below and in full high-def glory at

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anthraxCZ3236d ago

this game will be epic, actually as every rockstar game **

Deathstroke3236d ago

So it won't be epic at all since it's not a Rockstar game. It's a Team Bondi game.

Commander_TK3236d ago

Yh, people won't realize the difference between a publisher and developer.

FrankMcSpank3236d ago

GTA IV was not epic. But yes, this game will probably be great. With how RDR(Non-GTA franchise) ended up, I am 100% convinced this one will be just as good.

I don't know how the pacing with be, the good/bad(wanted system) works since you're a cop. All I know is the facial features look good in the cutscene, and the theme is money. This looks like an open world game but not a sand box, more like how Mafia II was a linear game in an big city. I mean you can probaly expect tons of side missions like the series is known for, but as you are moving up from rookie to detective(If that is how the flow goes) how are the side missions relevent to the story? John Marston in RDR was a middle man who could flow from hero to villian, but LA NOIRE seems that you can't do that. You can be good cop/bad cop perhaps?

Things I would like to see:
Interactive Interragations
Actually doing some puzzle solving with investigations
Collecting notes and keeping a log
Searching houses with or with out warrants
Some Snow would be cool, I always wanted snow in GTA(I always wanted a GTA up in a Detroit area or during Christmas)

I love the free roam of RDR. I don't know what they would do. I assume this will get SP DLC like GTA IV got.

BubbleSniper3236d ago

sony need to acquire team bondi. this game look worthy of ps3.

it only does team bondi.

S_C3236d ago

Shut up.... Just Shut Up Will You And Grow Up

Nac3236d ago

one complaint, there is something off about the clothes.

tudors3236d ago

Best facial animations in a game ever.

FrankMcSpank3236d ago

I don't know about that. Uncharted, MGS4, Heavy Rain, and God of War III really are something. They are really good though, definitely have the expressions down to a 'T'

ElementX3236d ago

I still find it amusing that people think this is a R* game. It's Team Bondi! As for Team Bondi, they've only released a few games. I don't think Sony should buy them until they've proven themselves with multiple titles. Actually, maybe Sony shouldn't buy them. What's with everyone saying Sony should buy up all these studios? That's a monopoly. That's why EA and Activision are evil. They buy up every independent studio. I'm all for a multi-platform future, maybe some of the best studios should remain independent.

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