Year in review: 2010's pacifist games

Chris Winters writes: As in previous years, developers have crafted many of 2010’s hottest narrative-driven titles around killing. Whether you're shooting enemy soldiers in Call of Duty: Black Ops or jumping on a Goomba’s head in Super Mario Galaxy 2, most of this year’s games revolve around violent acts and death, seriously limiting the breadth and scope of the narrative in the process.

Needless to say, most of 2010’s nonviolent games, like Chime and Dance Central (to name just a few), don’t need a narrative. Instead, they opt for unique gameplay and pure fun to drive appeal. The attitude of gamers toward nonviolent games tends to revolve around quirky and abstract mechanics rather than having a fun and entertaining story.

With all of that said, I'm glad to note that some of 2010’s top games have embraced pacifism. In some cases, nonviolent gameplay has marginal impact on a game’s narrative. Other times, it completely shapes the type of story the creator is telling. Whatever the level of implementation, these games either allowed or forced players to resolve conflict through nonviolent means.

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JamesDeRosa3235d ago

I like games that try something besides violence.

rockleex3235d ago

Peace Walker was a revolution.

If he utilizes Peace Walker's mechanics in his next games, it'll be guaranteed addictive gameplay! Not to say his games aren't addictive enough already.

He could make an AMAZING RPG with those mechanics!

Hint to Kojima: Make the new Suikoden!!! >:D

Gungnir3235d ago

Sometimes it's good not to have to kill everything that moves.

Arup023235d ago

I remember the first Deus EX. You were able to finish the game w/o killing anyone. A true pacifist run.

illegalyouth3235d ago

I miss the old text adventure games like Zork -- those were titles that (usually) never even considered violence as an option.

FrankMcSpank3235d ago

Well you can enjoy it, cause it was released in

Axecution3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

lol... uh... wut?

Anyway, illegalyouth, im not sure if you're serious but i couldn't ever see myself playing a text based game haha.
Well i suppose i would give it a try if it was free. >.> I wouldn't pay money though personally.

Maybe there's like, a selection of people that actually would though. :E

I'd be pretty confused if a text-based adventure game showed up on the Playstation store one day though lol. It'd be fun to read reviews... haha

FrankMcSpank3235d ago

In COD Black Ops. When you break out of the chair in the main menu, go to the computer. Type in "ZORK".

You will now enter the world of ZORK, a text adventure. I played it and I think it is a fun and interesting game. I love classic text adventures. It is hidden in Blops, and I would consider the most retro classic and original form of Heavy Rain. Please Enjoy...

I thought everyone knew about the easter egg already...

Miths3235d ago

I'm really struggling to figure out what the hell Mass Effect 2 and Fallout: New Vegas were doing in that article?

Even though the author acknowledges that "the average player will get their hands dirty", that seems like a gross understatement.
Yes, you can opt for a pacifist approach in some cases, but otherwise these games are slaughterhouses - and in the case of New Vegas with delightful gore aplenty.

Ducky3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I think the author just stated that there are games where a good/evil action has consequences and can have an impact on the plot.
It mentions that the actual segments where a choice is available are few in numbers and that it's a pew-pew affair for the most part of the game.

I wonder if Amnesia:TheDarkDescent counts as a pacific game.

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