Minecraft: The next big addiction? -

I can’t seem to account for several hours of my life last week. I suspect that the Minecraft icon on my desktop is somehow the cause of this. Like many hundreds of thousands before me, I have been roped into the resource collecting phenomena. After many lengthy sessions with the game I have to say that I’m completely digging this little gem from Mojang Specifications, but I’m completely baffled by the game’s concept.

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tinydancer3238d ago

The game looks like shit graphically from what I've seen.

I can't comment on the gameplay though, I'll have to eventually try it to give it a shot. Seems being to me but w/e.

TWIXMIX3238d ago

I agree, it isn't the prettiest game out there. Although, it's got an interesting style that's all its own.

IaMs123237d ago

nope and if you go into it thinking of graphics you will miss what really is enjoying. Actually the game can be very pretty when you are far up in the sky looking down on your lit land, its pretty in its own way.

JsonHenry3237d ago

I couldn't get into it myself. But then again I never cared for Lego's or SimCity either.

TWIXMIX3237d ago

Let us know what you think of the article and Minecraft itself. Are you as hopelessly in love with this game as we are?

MountainMaverick3237d ago

Played it, it's okay. I can certainly see what the draw is though.

MountainMaverick3237d ago


You win sir. This game sure can be huge.

Mattstones3237d ago

@ Xfanboy

Fantastic examples of how awesome this game can be! Inspires me to go and create some new things for my city!

Arup023237d ago

I tried to play. But i don't know what to do. It is just me and a world full of blocks.

IaMs123237d ago

thats the idea, anything! well does have limits, just think of Legos but with monster at night or in the caves in the dark lol

TWIXMIX3237d ago

I think that's what I find interesting about it. It gives you these vaste worlds to explore and figure out for yourself. I just finished building a skyscraper that stretches from the bottom of a cave, up through the ocean, and into the clouds.

It was an amazing build and super fun.

Mind you, if you'd like a more structured experience Minecraft really isn't the game for you.

Convas3237d ago

I'm hopelessly in love with Minecraft as well. I had heard about it a while ago, but I never really looked into it. Till someone on the forums (AutoFire I think) gave us a heads-up to buy an account before it went Beta, that way we could get all future updates and expansions for free.

Anyways, I bought it, and I've been in love ever since. It's a great game, there's much to do!

BYE3237d ago

Didn't that come out almost a year ago? I guess most people are over it already.

It is a fun game, but the devs should try harder to keep it interesting, right now it isn't looking too good.

Ducky3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I find MineCraft to be similar to a game like Civilization.

There isn't really any goal (asside from survive) and on paper, it just sounds boring.
I can't fully explain the addictive nature of it either.

It starts with something simple as 'I think I'll place a flower here' and before you know it, the whole day has passed and you're building mordor. Although it kinds gets lonely after a while. =/

Though I found the graphics to be charming.

TWIXMIX3237d ago

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

mightyboot3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Minecraft is the best browser based game i ever played and that´s already means something.

Its a great way to pass your time with friends

TWIXMIX3237d ago

This is exactly how I play it. Me and a few friends set up a server, and just build and explore together. It's good fun.

We disable the monsters as the combat isn't that fantastic right now and we just want to build uninterrupted.

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