Halo 'Desperately Needs a Kick-Start'

In CVG's last Mailbox David Lucas assessed Black Ops' multiplayer with some disdain.

This week Jeremy Hutton looks forward to 343 kick-starting Halo in issue 100 of Xbox World 360, and it doesn't fare much better.

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Active Reload3240d ago

"Jeremy Hutton"

Who is this person?

Quagmire3240d ago

I dont get it. The guy is saying that one of the most successful and popular FPS franchise of all time...needs a Kick-Start?

About as logical as making another Call Of Du- ah, fuck, it all ready happened...

garos823240d ago

im a ps3 guy predominately and i think this article is a whole lot of bull. of course a sequel should improve from its predecessor and i think halo is doing absolutley fine with each iteration. its not "desperately" in need for pretty much anything

UCMEandICU3240d ago

It's getting rampant now

"I'm the biggest PS3 fanboy but even I know gears is better than anything the PS3 has"

"I a PS3 guy but even I know the exclusives are not really as good as sony makes them out to be"

"I'm a rabid PS3 fanboi but even I know the PS3 sucks and is the worst console ever created"

... and yes, on topic, it has needed a kick start since Halo3 cause I thought that was what was going to happen when it launch and it just turned out to be Halo2 in higher resolution graphics.

TheDivine3240d ago

reach was ok, the ending was super epic. Multi and co-op rock w all the modes. I really liked odst myself. I play campaigns and odst was so atmospheric. Reach wasnt the best sendoff it couldve been. It needs a reboot w more story and lore, halo with a mass effect style story, the background lore is there already. Make it bigger, badder, and add a real epic emotional sci fi story with atmoshere.

velocitygamer3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I don't want a remake. If they do a remake, save it for the next gen xbox. I want to see something different, like an MMO. Why remake it?The series isn't turning into the next tomb raider is it? Reach was a AAA game, they don't need a remake.

I didn't say the MMO would be crap. A halo MMO could be a hit considering xbox live is really big and has a big crowd of people who love halo.

Stealth20k3240d ago

Only like 3 mmo's in the last 10 years have actually made profit and been good

VenomProject3240d ago

I hope Guild Wars is on that list.

FrankMcSpank3240d ago


Do you mean something like a World of Warcraft MMO, or something more like M.A.G. or maybe both?

etownone3240d ago

I agree ....
If they want to make a remake. Make it as a launch title for the next gen Xbox. (2012 hopefully)


I Play my ps3 more than my 360 but i dont care what any one says, Halo is one of the best FPS this gen.Its only a bias sony fan boy that will not admit that.

StarScream4Ever3240d ago

Agreed along with Killzone, Resistance, COD and Crysis.

FrankMcSpank3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I don't like that you just threw the COD name in there. COD4: Modern Warfare was really the last great COD.

Brewski0073240d ago

And im PRETTY sure COD4 : Modern Warfare was THIS generation. So it still makes sense to put that name in there.
I think another halo would be great for the current xbox, but to realisticaly market the game and generate the best overall profit, it would make more sense to Bundle the game with a new console like the next xbox.

StarScream4Ever3240d ago

Hold it lets remember that COD began with the original for the PC. I do agree that as Frank mention the last great COD was MW1.

SixZeroFour3240d ago

amazed you put CoD in there but didnt mention Battlefield

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saladthieves3240d ago

Halo is good, but I'm tired of them Microsoft overmilking this good franchise. Take a look at Halo ODST...was that game really needed/necessary?? What Microsoft needs (and should do) is come up with new innovative IPs (like have many different diverse 1st party studios). Yes it is a smart move to stick with the working formula but relying on 3rd Party games and timed exclusives can only push them far!

Mcardle3240d ago

ODST was a great game what you on about? Halo franchise is not milked at all.

FrankMcSpank3240d ago

ODST could of stayed an expansion pack. $60 to add a map pack set that every Halo fan own already. Only 3 new maps with the 4 hour game. Shady MS work was a foot. What was worse is that ODST was graphically worse than Halo 3. The game was ready in March as well, and they kept it around until September. That was a lot of bad joo-joo on Microsoft's part. Good game the presentation was bananas.

ODST did have the best life action trailer this gen, followed by Resistance 3. Just extra kudos.

Active Reload3240d ago

ODST was my favorite Halo I played. I wish Reach was more like it. I love exploring in 1st person shooters, instead of someone screaming commands, "Go here!" and "Go there!".

etownone3240d ago

Let me guess .... like Sony, rt?

What Sony need is a killer blockbuster franchise like Halo.

vishant1013240d ago

@ velocity
no ps3 game has cracked the ten million milestone


Its normal for games to get milked,Games dont die like that.Look at gran turismo, its made it all the way to gt5,uncharted has made it to part 3,gears of war has made it to part 3,even twisted metal is coming back,mario is still here.and dnt forget talk of call of duty which ive lost count of.

As long as the system is alive and the devs have new ideas games will always be a part2,3,4..e.t.c Its not milking is just keeping the franchise alive.

saladthieves3240d ago

Yes but Halo every year? That's a bit too much, isn't it? Taking out a new game every year to me shows a lack of just want to put something out there (doesn't matter what it is) and all you want to do is bring in more cash.

skrug3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

gt, twisted metal, started on PS1

mario started on the nes

UCMEandICU3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Milking means a company knowing the product will sell hot no matter what and thus they don't put much effort or finances into it (as they should or as the popularity of the product demands) and churn out the product or spinoffs of the product on a constant close production cycle so as to maximize profit.

Eg Halo, Modern Warfare, Mario etc

That's what Milking means but somehow this gen it got twisted around by new comers to gaming as sequel releases. If a game is wanted, sequel must come out or else you are just poor at business. Having sequels is not Milking a product.

ElementX3240d ago

Bungie could've said no to ODST. Even when they were owned by MS, they could've said no. What would MS do? Let them go? They left anyway. Halo hasn't been milked. Look at some other series... Final Fantasy (all those stupid downloadable games, low budget DS titles...) Ratchet and Clank, Mario, Prince of Persia, what about all those games turning into movies? Uncharted, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, Doom, Silent Hill, hell even a Mario TV show... There are so many other franchises getting milked.

mastiffchild3240d ago

Thing is if MS had been fair about ODST no one would be talking about milking anything, imho.

Fact is ODST was crap from a value and content POV if, like 90% of us you'd already got Halo and the maps for it's MP. I truly think the press would have been amazingly pro MS had they kept it as an expansion. They would also have made more sales and more cash too by doing that but they went for the full retail release and it hurt ODST.

The campaign was full of great but barely explored ideas that, by Reach, all seemed forgotten, why? Whatever, had they sold it for £30 rather than full price I think they'd have doubled sales and that there was a lot of gamers who'd bought all the DLC for Halo3 and felt, again like myself, that a very short SP(which a lot of them didn't really care about being MP hounds)and a couple of maps was only worth a rental.

What there was was quality but if you owned Halo3 and the maps already where was the rest of it? I think ODST, seriously, is the reason many say the franchise is milked because of it's lack of value and MS insistence on calling it a full game when it didn't feel like one. There's a reason it won't ever sell Halo3 numbers and that's because it ISN'T that easy to fool people when you already told them "expansion" a million times before going " nah, full game!!".

So, no the series isn't milked, not yet anyway, but ODST left MS open to the accusation from those with an agenda and, imho, it wasn't even a wise business choice to go full price with it. Same with Crackdown2-would have been INCREDIBLE as DLC or a cheaper expansion disc but as a full game? Without a new open world to explore(just a slightly tatty version of the original's city)? You get the picture-wouldn't they rather , for example, 10 million gamers buy a game/DLC for £30 or just 3million paying £45?

Anyway, it's that kind of choice that makes people think MS are milking when they probably weren't and were just shortsighted with ODST and calling it something it really didn't seem like it was. In fact pretty much any reviewer who had issues with the game had them with it's value(or lack of)and maybe Bungie felt the brave ideas they toyed with weren't popular because the reviews weren't Halo3 positive? Did that make Reach more conservative and make Bungie ditch the semi open bits from ODST too fast?

Maybe I read way too much into things but I think the decision to call an expansion a game had far reaching effects on what happened later in this series. I think it's certain that it made it easy for people to, unfairly, say the franchise is being milked. COD is being milked as we've had the same basic game annually for the past four years with the quality going down a bit as Acti asks the devs to cut corners to maximise profit and damn whoever plays it- MS don't do that to Halo and had ODST stayed an expansion we wouldn't even have people saying we had Halo games two years running.

k-Lan3239d ago

Even though ODST could've been much better, I found the campaign very enjoyable for the $20 i spent on the game.

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Nintenuendo3240d ago

Actually, as much as I enjoy Halo... I agree.

Which is why, in a way, I'm actually really excited that a new studio is working on it. New ideas, new focus. Should be a fresh take on the experience... hopefully.

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