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ABizzel13243d ago

Now go ahead and port MadWorld, Red Steel 2, and all those other good 3rd party Wii games over to Move.

sinncross3243d ago

Konami are adding some nice additions to the PS3 release this year.

More bosses (from NMH2).
A boss arena mode.
Move support
and better loading times

Cheeseknight283243d ago

Hot damn these graphics look awesome. Can't wait to play through No More Heroes again!


the visuals look awesome! im really excited to revisit the first one. i wish they did a little bit more with move technology but in my opinion NMH 1 was the better of the 2. great to see it ported so i have an excuse to play it all over again.

3243d ago
Venox20083243d ago

first No more heroes is one of my best and funniest hack & slashers of all time :) it will be a chance to replay it again if it will be region free, because I live in Europe and own Xbox360.. :/ but if it won't be, I'll just play Wii version again :)