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Does Skate ollie over the competition or kiss the curb?

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InMyOpinion4790d ago

They forgot to mention that Skate, unlike Tony Hawk, has believable physics and not riders who skate like they have had back surgery and are standing on springboards...

Rama262854790d ago

I'm still undecided about this game. I need the demo to show up on the PSN before I make any decisions. It looks good though...

Audiggity4790d ago

I wouldn't let this review sway your opinion. I am DEFINITELY buying this based on the demo...

They spent the entire video review criticizing the game, and then ended up giving it an 8.1??? Sounds like the reviewer may be a little* biased towards the Tony Hawk series.

More reviews will hit today, the game will be out tomorrow. Keep eyes peeled.

Radar_Ben4790d ago

Forget bias - I just think these guys weren't any GOOD at the game.
Hard to perform tricks? Only with bit fat cheeto-encrusted smudge fingers. What? Oh.

Audiggity4790d ago

I am sure it's tough to get used to... that's why I played the demo 10 times.

TheDriftking4790d ago

Just because this goon doesn't get what skating is really about. He was mispronouncing trick names and everything. I skated for 9 years personally and I think that skate is so freaking awesome that the tony hawk series (which I loved for many years) should just go away. Anyway, this guy obviously wasn't any good at this game which leads to a lower score and also he's clearly a fanboy for thps. Suggesting that most people will miss this and have to get used to that is stupid. I doubt that there is a single skater out there that would honestly say that thps is better in any way. Skate stomps the competition 9.4/10 for me based on the demo. These smalls delays are killing me btw...ship it already.

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