Go! Gaming Giant: Best Downloadable Games of 2010

Go! Gaming Giant takes a look at the best downloadable games of 2010 and explains what make each one a must-have title for everyone's collection.

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Rah5er03236d ago

Damn! That's a lot a games..too bad I can't just buy CD with all of them on there..Good stuff though!

Murgatroyd73236d ago

Ha ha, I should have mentioned that the list isn't meant to break your wallet. Think of it as being more like a guide of which games you should give a chance if you're looking for something new. And thankfully, most of the games on that list have demos available!

FrankMcSpank3236d ago

No DeathSpank? That is my favorite downlaodbale game this year :(

Murgatroyd73236d ago

Sorry, Frank. I considered DeathSpank simply because I know a lot of people liked it, but I ultimately decided not to because I found both games to be very repetitive and not quite funny enough to make up for that. Just keep in mind that this isn't meant to be an official list by any means; it's just a guy throwing his opinions out there for entertainment.

omicron0093236d ago

wow, a ton of great games. Greed Corp for the win :)

RaymondM3236d ago

holy hell, very in depth. I really want to check out Back to the Future since I'm a fan of the movie (first two anyway) and Limbo was so creepy
And dont even get me started on Amnesia, I played about an hour of it and it scared the crap out of me. it was truly a good year for downloadable gaming!
Good article btw

teh3236d ago

ya i def wanted to see how those back to the future games faired as well. they looked interesting