DICE: Battlefield 3 PC getting “Special Effort”

Battlefield 3 lead designer David Goldfarb has said the PC version of the upcoming shooter is getting some “special effort”. Goldfarb was answering a question in a tweet.

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gypsygib3244d ago

Looks like the best MP FPS game will be even better on PC.

I'm still getting it for my 360 or PS3 because I don't have a computer that runs games well.

ATi_Elite3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Why did GYPSYGIB get 2 disagrees for telling the truth?

I don't understand. I swear N4G has Teenage Mutant Disagree Trolls that run around the site marking disagrees on every single post.

BF2 is the best Multi Player game on the PC, Some may say Arma II but it's so hardcore that even I (a huge fan of Arma II) will go with BF2 as it has great balance between Core and casual game play.

Sure then we have the Halo debate but as a Pc gamer I have Halo 1 & 2 sitting dormant on a disc some where while BF2 mods get get heavy burn on my HDD.
Very few PC gamers like Halo and no 360 fanboy likes anything not named Halo.

So if any PS3 fans out there have Played Halo and BF2 let me know which one you prefer.

Oh almost forgot No DX9 for Battlefield 3 PC, this news is like loosing my virginity all over again.

hassi943244d ago

Does it actually matter? Let people disagree, what does it affect you or even gypsygib...?

Can't wait for it, hopefully something fresh in the military fps genre. Better have planes.

chak_3244d ago

Better not drop the balls DICE.

BC2 was more than alright, but we need the real thing, the new BF2, the return of the king !

Can't wait to put my mouse on that one.

ct033244d ago

Oooh yes. Battlefield 2 finally needs a worthy successor.

Letros3244d ago

Mouse support confirmed!

Oh wait, that is Infinity Ward's special effort.

VenomProject3244d ago

Can't wait.

Bad Company is nice, but I've been waiting for the real sequel to Battlefield 2.

I'll probably get a console version and a PC version, just for the sake of being a huge fan.

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The story is too old to be commented.