Square Asks for Player Help in Reshaping FFXIV

In a surprise move, Square Enix's Naoki Yoshida, Producer/Director of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV has appealed directly to the players for help in finding the new direction for the problem game.

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GWAVE3244d ago

It's sad that Square is asking for help. I don't view that as a good move, I view it as a desperation move. S-E thought they knew best when it came to FF14. They thought they knew what MMO players would want. They ignored the beta users. And then they failed. FF14 failed big time, and they're desperate to recoup the massive losses.

RBLAZE19883244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Seems like they don't have any idea what to do with this franchise, or the genre in general, these days. I wish they'd just release the ip to Hironobu Sakaguchi where it rightfully belongs. Maybe then we can have the chance to play another epic adventure rather than trying to make each new installment either more mmo like or more western friendly. I'm kinda sad that the last story is only coming to the wii. It looks like it will be a throwback to the golden age of jrpg games. Well hopefully it bombs on wii and nobody buys it so they have to port it to ps3. I really want to play but don't know about buying a new console for it.

Keith Olbermann3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

how to make back some money....make HD remastered remakes of Vagrent Story; Xenogears and the like..bundle them and tweak the game play and save systems.People will buy that like hot cakes. Just stop making anything else because SE seems to be out of any good ideas this gen.

Rage_S903244d ago

Remake ffvii or make ffXvi then we can talk square..

TheCagyDies3244d ago


Final Fantasy XVI, why skip Final Fantasy XV?

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RedDead3244d ago

Hurry up with Versus and I might help

Rage_S903244d ago

make it good then ill help :D

ElementX3244d ago

Funny how so many people hate FF:XIII but are willing to give SE the benefit of the doubt with Versus. SE games have sucked for a long time now, what makes Versus any different?

rezzah3244d ago

Maybe if you knew the details of the differences you wouldn't post a comment like that.

Shows how much you know about Versus.

RedDead3244d ago

Let the fans make the type of game they want, it ain't to bad, atleast they're trying to fix it, some devs just leave games in broken mess. And it's not like anyone has been charged to play it.

ViciousBoston3244d ago

Ok. So apparantly no one knows the issues that went down. In the begining yes they ignored beta users and just did what they wanted. They removed the old team and replaced that team with veteran members of FFXI team and a new director. The new director (who has no experience) is actually doing an amazxing job so far. The game is coming along alot better than before, given 2 months this game could actually be something big. They're deffinately on the right track. Removing the 8 Guildleves a day and implimenting Chocobos will actually help alot.

Orionsangel3244d ago

This is one of the saddest game releases in modern gaming history lol! Our game is crap. We failed. Please help us?

Kran3244d ago

Im all for Square doing that, but it does make them look a little helpless.

But I would like to see this happen more often. Companies publicly ask what they want from a sequel or such and then they get the opinions of the player.

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The story is too old to be commented.