Top 4 Most Anticipated Games of 2011

2011 is here, and it's going to be a crazy year for gaming. There have been so many great titles already announced but these 4 games have the 4LOG crew dying in anticipation.

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Commander_TK3239d ago

Respect other people's opinions.

antz11043239d ago

Well its his opinion that its a sorry list, and he could have said a lot worse.

HolyOrangeCows3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

LOL, this is that site that runs on wordpress (but moderators allow it as an exception, being pro-xbox and all), use their Xbox avatars as their pictures, and pretend that the Ps3 doesn't exist.

Two Worlds 2 already released in many regions and many reviews don't paint that great a picture of it.

But I'm sure they'd rather post a severely average game and a game we've only seen a teaser trailer for (Skyrim) then have any of the PS3's amazing lineup for next year on their list.

plenty a tool3239d ago

^^^^ give it a rest. if this was a pro-sony site in a state of excasty about ps3 games, then you would be as excited.

and why aint you banned yet??

ultramoot3239d ago

Why? Because he didn't pick the usual UC3, ME3, Crysis 2, KZ3, etc that everybody else always does?

ATi_Elite3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Elders Scroll V Two Worlds II Rage Zelda

1. Two worlds II is already out so that's off the list
2. I'll let Rage stand
3. Zelda gets axed great game but no longer mind blowing besides more people talk about Ocarina than Skyward Sword.
4. Toss in Diablo 3 and Dragon Age 2 The Witcher 2 and Mass effect 3
5. Hell toss in Killzone 3 Uncharted 3 and Gears 3
6. Get rid of Elders Scroll V as the game will get pushed back to 2012 to avoid Mass Effect 3/Gears 3
7. The list has to be at least 10 because 2011 is just too big for 4 games.
8. make a new Proper list in no particular order

Mass Effect 3
Diablo 3
The Witcher 2
Battlefield 3
Gears 3
Uncharted 3
Killzone 3
Dragon Age 2
Crysis 2

These are the most anticipated games of 2011. Just mention these games and the Internet blows up every time

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Acquiescence3239d ago

I can't wait for the next Top something Most Anticipated Games of 2011 article that's probably due in five minutes time.

specialguest3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

It seems like every damn website gets a turn at top # most anticipated games of 2011. On the first page, there's already one at the very bottom. Then there's this. Next one is coming soon. ftw.../s

Mista T3239d ago

lol at the guy who picked two worlds 2. it has a chance, but no way out of all the games coming out can someone have that as their most hyped game.

pr0digyZA3239d ago

I think you are underestimating how much better the second one is. Some people who have it already say it was one of the best this year, and if its patched by the time it is released everywhere then it could definitely turn out to be a sleeper hit.

Seijoru3239d ago

Played it on PC and its craaaaaaap.

offdawall3239d ago

killzone 3 for the first half Uncharted 3 for the second

Rich16313239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Uncharted 3 without a doubt but they can keep Killzone 3. I know I am in the minority, but I thought Killzone 2 sucked both online and off. Boring story, annoying characters, excessive cursing, clunky controls, and chaotic multiplayer (the maps were too small and it resulted in rocket spams and welfare headshots).

The graphics were awesome but I had zero fun playing it. Resistance 3 is looking better to be quite honest.

Kran3239d ago

is it me or are these "top" lists getting tighter?

Top 100
Top 50
Top 20
Top 10
Top 5
Now Top 4

Hehe xD

I expect to see a Top 3 soon. I think there have been one somewhere

antz11043239d ago

Lol so true. "Top 5 has been done too many times, lets make it 4! Ooooh, and lets put games that NO ONE would expect for top honors!"

Killzone 3 or Gears 3 anyone? This list was well....lame compared to what it could have on it.

4logpc3239d ago

We have 4 members on our team, so therefore we have a top 4

Kran3239d ago


Yeh, but theres 5 members on our team at Nave360 and I did my top 10 anticipated on my own. Yeh sure, at first, it wasnt a great list as it missed some big ones, but still.

I updated it and put Mass Effect 3 at number 3 and elder scrolls at number 5 :P

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