NeoSeeker: Intel Core i7 2600K & i5 2500K "Sandy Bridge" Review

NeoSeeker write: When the Sandy Bridge processors first entered our labs we were anticipating a substantial performance increase over the previous generation Core architecture, and to that end the 2500K and 2600K managed to not only meet our expectations, but also greatly exceed them. When looking at the performance of the 2600K in comparison to the LGA-1366 Core i7 920, the 2600K was able to handily outperform the older Nehalem architecture, and in some benchmarks it achieved nearly 40% better performance.

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Arup023243d ago

The right place for this isn't on TechSpy?

Pandamobile3243d ago

We have a little thing called PC gaming, you know.

The real killer3243d ago

Some guys don't have a gaming rig, don't blame them.

dkblackhawk503243d ago

They should get a gaming rig >.>

Arup023243d ago

@The real killer yeas i have a gaming rig, and im almost sure it's better than yours...

ATi_Elite3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

How can you seriously call yourself a gamer and NOT have a Gaming PC?

These new Intels are very energy efficient and great for multi-tasking, like for encoding video while browsing the web while using Skype while playing Fatal Fury on my Neo Geo emulator all at the same time across 3 screens of course.

If you already own a Core i7 920 or higher I don't really see a need to upgrade unless you got extra drug money lying around that needs to be spent cause your gonna have to buy a new MOBO as well. yep Intel loves doing that you.

I'm an AMD user and this is my ticket out of AMD land as I'm tired of seeing my CPU always under 6 Intels on performance charts well actually it's like 9 now. There's really no difference in gaming performance but for overall multi-tasking Intel is the way to go.

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Lou Ferrigno3243d ago

your big fail is to say your rig is better then someone else's .. cmon man,dont be dumb.
if your rig is awesome and powerful then brag by all means but dont say its better then his/hers.. civilized ,its the way to go :)- ..

SkyGamer3243d ago

I need to upgrade my cpu but I am waiting for the nexgen amd chips to come out as I have a socket am3 board. As for the comment above, if you are wanting perfection and the greatest library of games, (emulation as well) don't deny yourself the gaming rig experience.

Bolts3243d ago

I don't mean a thing unless I see some Crysis benchmarks. Glad I waited for this though, should be a good time to upgrade this year.

ATi_Elite3243d ago

Crysis Benchmarks? What does that have to do with anything. Any Dual Core 2.7 ghz cpu can run Crysis, Metro 2033 or what ever Mega Monster graphics whore of a game that gets released next. It's the GPU that becomes the problem when we are talking about rendering FPS at high quality levels in video games.

You may want to judge a CPU by it's multitasking performance. Here check this chart out.

Pizza3243d ago

Do I need to upgrade my i7 920? probably not.