The Top 7 Hideous Gaming Disasters of 2010 We Desperately Want to Forget

Into every life a little rain must fall. It's a patronising cliche, usually used as half-arsed reasurrance by the kind of vacant do-gooders who think that talking in cliches is actually an acceptable thing to do. But it is true. And as good as this year has been for gaming, people have had a whole lot of rain as well. In fact at times it's felt like the mighty Zeus himself has been hosing a big drunken piss right down upon their heads, before doing a bit of sick as he shakes off and zips up.

Want a run-down of the absolute worst crap to happen in gaming this year? Well here. Here is where such a thing might begin.

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NovusTerminus3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I like this article! Very true.

Aside from the Apocalyps3 thing. I didn't worry about it. I read online, saw what it was and that it would right itself, then went to a different hobby for that day... Such as drawing. I know a lot of people freaked out over the thing, but it happens. I think the Zune did it one new years. And something happened to the ipod or iphone a few days ago, can't remember what though.

Loved the last page on there. Games Radar is a funny site.

Seijoru3240d ago

They are also wrong about the PSP. 2010 was its best year actually. A lot of awesome games came out and it sold like hotcakes in Japan.

NovusTerminus3240d ago

True, I love my PSP. And it also got Phantasy Star Portable 2. Which was great.

GWAVE3239d ago

Yep, I completely disagree with putting PSP on that list. My PSP has had constant use this year. MGS: Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, GoW: Ghost of Sparta, and several smaller games like Claddun.

Spenok3239d ago

Agreed, i did the same thing as you when the "Apocalyps3" deal happened. OMG i cant play games for a day!!!! lol it wasnt that big a deal. And as people said above the PSP did have some fantastic games this year.

BShea3240d ago

Awesome article. I actually was in the camp thinking that Activision didn't have an absolutely terrible year, but when they presented it that way, it's hard to argue against.

MatthewMk23239d ago

Agreed. Aside from not really marketing Singularity, my personal GotY, I also didn't think Activision was doing that bad. But after reading that, well, I can't do anything about it so whatever. I can't wait until people get sick of CoD and Activision crashes hard.

Now Go play Singularity! It's amazing! And if you can buy it new. Its only $25 now. If not Singularity, get Blur, also an awesome game.

Arup023239d ago

Very good article from Popupsradar. We've seen many gaming disasters in 2010, but the top one sure is Activision fail.

PS3Freak3239d ago

I swear to god that the guy in the Super Nintendo ad is Paul Rudd.

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