Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel Discounted to $89.99 Today

"Grab the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel (PS3) for $89.99 (after rebate) with Free Shipping over at!

This is the official wheel for Gran Turismo, and at $89.99 is the lowest price we have seen this available for..."

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BiggCMan3236d ago

And I just bought mine from Amazon last month for $130!!! DAMN!!! Still worth it though, I love it so much. Anyone thinking of buying this needs to jump on this deal quick.

The_Claw3236d ago

not only does it make the game easier, it takes the gt5 experience to a whole new level. whatever adjustments you make like say adding racing tires you can feel it in the force feedback. simply awesome.

redwolf3236d ago

this wheels is so expensive in UK

NBT913236d ago

I know right, I think £80 in Argus is the best I have seen for it and I know it is cheap for what it is but still... For a wheel? It just seems too much, at £60 I will get it without question but £80... Not so enthusiastic.

redwolf3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

even at £80 its out of stock everywhere, best price you can get it is around £100 which is just ridiculous, seems like the GT fanbase is strong here so there's more demand which lead to these silly prices in UK

ian723236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I got my GT wheel from Amazon (UK) about 1 year ago, maybe longer. It was only £60 then. Got it to try with GT5p. It is a fantastic wheel for the price, and works with many PS3/PC games.
The games I have used it on which work well are:
GT5p, GT5, F1:CE, F1 2010, GRID, DIRT 1+2, Ferrari/Supercar Challenge, Midnight Club:LA, NFS:Pro Street/Shift, but on NFS:HP there is a very big dead zone on the steering. You can turn the wheel 30/40 degrees either way from centre before the car you're using starts to turn.(Thats the only game I have had a problem with).
Using this wheel with GT5 is fantastic, great force feedback and fluid steering controls. It also has some extra's like on the fly ABS, Traction control etc using the orange dial on the wheel. It was made for GT5, and it shows with how good it works with it.

dragon823236d ago

Anyone who is interested in this wheel needs to buy it NOW!!!!!!! It is such a good deal its stupid.

arjman3236d ago

Yeah everyone in the states can enjoy it for $90 while here in the UK it STARTS at $122 (£79) :/

CrzyFooL3236d ago

Theyre doing this because the uber expensive Thrustmaster wheel launches in a few days.

MariaHelFutura3236d ago

The cost difference isn`t worth it. IMO. I haven`t tryed the TM but I can`t imagine it`s $400-$500 better than this wheel. I`d rather buy this wheel AND a racing chair for the price of the TM.

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