Onlive works in Europe editor shares with us some tips on how he managed to run OnLive in Europe

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mrv3213237d ago

Can I ask why the USA? The USA is huge hardly the best place for a distance reliant service.

The UK, Japan and Korea all make much more sensible locations, each are on high speed internet, I believe higher than the US, with closer poximity and I believe higher density.

I could easily see each major country have it's own Onlive server cloud.

slowme3237d ago

I asked myself the same question and a friend came with an answer:
"because the americans are buying stuff"
and his hind'of right

Baka-akaB3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Maybe because europe is a quite big pc market already , especially Germany .

They probably made their own market studies and realized it wouldnt be easy to convince Eu of the worth of a service with induced lag (as small as it might be) and worse graphics , with very little advantages .

Plus the net quality varies greatly from one area to another . Some places are worse than in USA , while some are easily better

jjmustoe3237d ago

in the uk bt and the Government are working on 1Gb/s internet speeds

Eamon3237d ago

Actually the internet in the UK is really shit.

You guys in the US have it better. Although not as good as Japan and Korea.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3237d ago

Probably going to get disagrees

but what is onlive?

slowme3237d ago

OnLive is a gaming-on-demand platform. You can play any game you want, as long as is available...
more here:

HolyOrangeCows3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

It's an awful laggy service that has a very limited library of games and with outrageous pricing. You must have a constant high-speed internet connection. Unless you live in California, you're in for a lag-fest, because that's where their servers are. The picture quality is awful, as is input response.

A service that will suffer the same fate as all other game-streaming services of the past; death. The business model makes zero sense, as they have eliminated the subscription fee, meaning they're running the servers for free while charging the same for games.

redDevil873237d ago

If the servers go down you can't game...

Don't like that.

despair3237d ago

if the service goes down permanently then you're s#$% out of luck as well, plus I don't even get the physical copy of the game, hell I don't even have a digital copy of the game just the subscription.