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Dramscus3239d ago

What a waste of a leak more like. There are already photo's of the thing. Besides of which it just looks mostly like a regular ds. I would have been impressed if it had software or something on it but a brick of a 3ds... nope. Someone just got fired and possibly arrested and tortured for nothing.

wwm0nkey3239d ago

Atleast it told us how much RAM it has, and its A LOT higher than most where expecting.

Cloudberry3239d ago

Pirates could use it to crack the 3DS early.

crxss3239d ago

Only 2 more months! Got mine preordered and can't wait to play some OoT. I just hope nintendo does something about their online strategy, I'm sick of friend codes.

Peppino73239d ago

Someone wont be getting a holiday bonus this year. If he manages to sell it without revealing his identity he could get some good money.

wwm0nkey3239d ago

From the forums it has 128Mb of Ram, 32Mb of which is used for the OS and the 94Mb used for the rest.

(Xbox 360 uses 32mb of RAM for the OS)

Strange_Evil3239d ago

128MB is pretty bad IMO. Nearly all current cell phones have more than 256MB RAM, after the success of DS I at least expected Nintendo to pull out something that can rival the next PSP2 in graphics hell doesn't the PSP have 128MB RAM? I expected at least 512MB from a next gen handheld that will be in millions of pockets.

Kinda bad if it's true. It's about the games and gameplay but come on you can't always be stuck to crap graphics and justify it with 'Gameplay' !!!

wwm0nkey3239d ago

Video game systems dont need that much RAM dude....

Cellphones need that RAM for A LOT of things. The PSP only has 32Mb of RAM btw.

Strange_Evil3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Thats a pretty foolish statement mate... Even an iPod Touch, a device which isn't meant for gaming has 256MB of RAM. I just don't get why a corporation who has made so much money that they can virtually wipe their @sses with 100$ bills and still have much to spare not dump in more RAM into systems.. It's dirt cheap.

128MB how much ever you want to say is pretty pathetic for a device to be released in 2012 and especially for the rumored price tag of 200-250$.

EDIT: Below.. Sorry dude ain't wanna fight or something, just expressing my opinion. 128MB isn't too good by todays standard. PSP uses 32MB and yes do the games look good? Ya sure, but people are pitting the next gen handhelds to rival current consoles which really can't be possible with 128MB. The PSP games look like PS1 games at best.. I expected a device which is gonna do 3D to have more horse power beneath the hood.

Just the price to performance ratio doesn't seem right.. At 220$ 1 can get an iPod Touch with 1GHz processor and 256MB RAM... Rumored nearly same price for 3DS and you get half the RAM and who knows what processor (it will be less than 1GHz for sure..). Only adv seems the 3d screen...

wwm0nkey3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Ipod touch again is used for MORE THINGS than just video games. 128Mb is more than acceptable for a dedicated portable videogame device. Im going to assume you dont understand the tech or logic behind it though....

EDIT: What about your PSP argument btw? It only has 32Mb of RAM and games on it still look good. Oh and what about the graphics card in this too, again there are a lot of things that factor into this console.

@above: Oh im not taking this seriously, just a fun little debate though :)

RedDead3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

@Strange evil

Ps1 games? Really? Take a look back at the differance, PSp is alot closer to the Ps2.

You can barely tell the differance in some of them . Also you can take into account that the screens are Way smaller so RAM doesn't have to help much for the resolution

Just saying btw, PS1 looks terrible compared to PSP and PS2. I'm also not really caring for the tech behind it, have you guys seen the games coming out on it? Alot of my old favourite francise' are coming out on it.

mrv3213239d ago

I'm sorry, but RAM has little effect on graphics after a certain point. A 200GIG ram computer couldn't run Crysis without a decent CPU and Graphics processor.

RAM is mainly used for textures, textures only become and issue for larger and higher resolution screens. The main reason iPod devices have a lot of RAM is the fact the games and softwere must use a RAM intensive file structure, I know android is largely Java which is a ram hog.

128MB should be fine.

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vlad_3239d ago

Whatever way you say it 128 MB is a rip off. New technology will not reach its potential with that amount of RAM. Those who disagree with this are being ignorant and are supporting the greed of corporations. (and BTW, Android is made out of Linux, which uses C)

GuruStarr783239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

looks nice....

But what's up with the White analog stick?

Hopefully thats just "pre-production" and they plan on making them black like the rest of the system down the assembly line....

got two preordered....can't wait for this's the first time I've actually ever pre-ordered a system in 30 yrs of gaming.

firefoxprime3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Dude. Are you serious?

The 3DS has been toting the white "slide-pad" since Sept 29. Honestly its just Ninty's style.

Look at the controllers for the n64, G.Cube, wii. All the analog sticks had a light shade of grey.

AGamerOfConsoles3239d ago

Even if that thing is a prototype, if that smuggler actually managed to sell this on Ebay it would still go for big money. I want one right now.

strickers3239d ago

Another cash grabbing Nintendo iteration for people to get over excited about.3D is a waste of time in my opinion(and I've played it on PS3)and most other people when Sony announced it.
Now it's Ninty,it's cool,and no they didn't create this tech before anyone rewrites gaming history again.

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