Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Premier: What we will and might see

GameSector writes: It’s been a mighty rough year for Square Enix. Not only were their two biggest releases disappointing and failed to garner much critical praise (XIII and XIV, though XIV was universally scathed) but Square also managed to halve its profits from 2009. A lot is riding on what is released in 2011 and how the company conducts itself on their games. Their upcoming conference will shed new light on titles that have been known for quite a while. Here’s what we expect to happen by title.

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stonecold33241d ago

ffvs 13 needs to stay on ps3 there wont be enough time for a 360 version . nomura does not have the time for a 360 version of vs 13. let it go now its a ps3 exclusive peace out ?

Zir03241d ago

SE is pretty big they likely already have a separate team porting the PS3 version to the 360 just like they did with FFXIII.

SE can't afford to not have a 360 version when FFXIII sold over 1ml on the 360, they will also need to release at the same time for maximum exposure for both platforms, since it will be more expensive to advertise both versions separately.

Godmars2903241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

So if another team does the 360 port, doesn't that mean it will have the same graphic issues as FXIII?

And yes, SE can certainly afford to keep vsXIII exclusive if they focus and are able to make it good, fun and engaging. Will be the difference selling FFXIII only on the PS3, which sold over 4m, and selling FF7, 8 or 9, all of which sold more than FF13 on two systems.

Word of mouth is what kept its sales down, just like it could make it sell as well as a MH, Pokemon or DQ title on the PSP and DS. If the game can deliver. Be the showcase for HD JRPGs people were expecting FFXIII to be.

Reibooi3241d ago

I honestly doubt they will put Vs on 360. For a few reasons.

firstly making FFXIII on 360 didn't really help the game much. The PS3 version still overwhelmingly outsold the 360 version despite no advertising for the PS3 version in the US. So it didn't make the sales jump as much as they had hoped.

2nd is the compromises they had to make to FFXIII by making the game a 360 game. We saw how much it changed from the Advent Children Demo to final release. The graphics had to overall dumbed down on both platforms and there was also countless amounts of CGI that was removed so the game would fit on the amount of discs it did.

Considering that from all we have see Vs is far and away more graphically impressive and a bigger and more open game one would wonder how they would get it running on the 360 with multi disks without screwing the game up in the process.

Also lets not forget the person in charge of everything related to Vs is Nomura and he is a known Sony supporter he doesn't want his game on the 360 and considering he is in charge and has so much pull inside SE what he wants probably means quite a bit.

rockleex3241d ago

I would not hold my breath for Square Enix to deliver quality HD games this generation.

3241d ago
RedDead3241d ago

For the moment I agree, I want versus out as quick as possible, the 360 version might hold it up again. Better be atleast 30 mins on this game alone.

Godmars2903241d ago

But in that case, especially if the game manages to be good, then its going to be situation MS and Wada didn't want in the first place w/FFXIII: people buying PS3s to play the game. Worse than that is what happened in Japan with the 360 version selling poorly.

firefoxprime3241d ago

Agreed Stonecold3. Bubble for you. I want to see KH:3D, FF:VSXII, and Agito! Gameplay trailers for all!

VersusEM3241d ago

I don't get why people say Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the "true Final Fantasy". It's not, if it was it would be a straight rpg but it's not, its an action rpg. And to tell you the truth, I could care less if the game comes out for the 360, as long as its a good gaming experince then its fine.

Lirky3241d ago

square enix are running out of ideas.

But what came from square soft : original styled rpg franchises. Square enix should do this but they cant because they are trying to re-shape its own image into something different than sticking with the past image of original rpg franchises.

I think they should stick with the past and just release new original rpgs that some could even be franchises with a long saga including 5 stories etc.

firefoxprime3241d ago

All I see is (boohoo! squaresoft is gone 4eva!)

This isn't squaresoft. This is "Square-Enix". Get over it.

All I see is you trying to impose your desires on this company. Since square-enix isn't making games that "YOU" like, clearly they are running out of ideas./s

KH,Versus,Agito. If you can't handle a lil real time, too bad.

When two companies merge, they're going to re-shape their image.

Also, sticking with the past reduces originality. Thought you might want to know that.

I'm done.

Arknight3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Square-Enix isn't making games that "ANYONE" likes. And yes, they are very clearly running out of ideas. Example: they're about to release the 4th remake of Final Fantasy IV this year.

Lirky3241d ago

Ok cool :) just look at square-enix im grateful for them its just sad that they are not busy making other original Rpg franchises.

Nis america,Atlus,Level-5 they are all making original Rpg saga/franchises so its a ok thing to like square-enix its just that they no longer very good at releasing original Rpgs like they did in the past during their squaresoft days.

I doubt square-enix will still make console rpgs in the future i just think it all ends with ffversus xiii that'll be their last big RPG title for a console ever.

Rage_S903241d ago

so many handheld games...........

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