The Court Decision that Birthed Bobby Kotick

Twenty-five years ago today, a judge in the federal district court in San Francisco found that game publisher Activision had infringed on a patent filed in 1979 by Ralph Baer, the man often associated as the creator of home videogames. This decision, in many ways, paved the way for new management to take over the struggling publisher and turn it into the giant it is today.

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Soldierone3235d ago

So a company that ended up crumbling due to lack of effort to keep up, made another company take that same formula and turn it into gold. Kotick may not be a nice guy, may not respect th game industry, and may suck but he knows how to market and sell at a profit.

Its kinda funny that a decision that nearly destroyed Activision, became a tactic of their own. They get sued for something stupid, yet how many articles do we see about Activision suing other people or having some business issues? EA anyone? Its dumb and this is a good example of the Patent system being abused. He has tons of patents on "ideas" not actual products. So those ideas could never come to light, and if they do all he has to do is wait for it to work and be succesful then sue the people and get money for it.

Its like patenting the idea of blu ray, but never actually making blu ray or even having a will to do so. Then suing Sony for actually building it.

firefoxprime3235d ago

That sucks, but hardcore at the same time. Bubble for you.

zeal0us3235d ago

Man where is "The Court Decision that Kill Bobby Kotick"(out of the job not actually killing him btw).

Man when i seen that old activision pic i thought me myself E.T.

My god 3.5mil back then is like 35mil today, man activision had to pay alot of money for infringing on a patent.

nskrishna23235d ago

Well, thats how the name of the article strikes off when someone reads it..:P

Ryutamashiisan3235d ago

Well there is no doubt that Kotick is an amazing buisnessman. He may an a**hole, a greedy b***, Satan, a guy you just cant help but want to hit, and a plauge among the industry as big as the T virus from (the good) Resident Evils. All that side still a great buisnessman >_>

mightyboot3235d ago

dirty money comes in bags