Engadget: Vizio reveals Via Tablet and Phone with Android, sub-$300 3DTVs ahead of CES

Expect TV manufacturers to be on their toes as well, since Vizio says it will bring 3DTVs to market that start at less than $300. The new mobile products will also tie into its TV business through the Via Plus internet service, which sounds a lot like Samsung Apps by allowing access to Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Android market access (to go along with its new Google TVs) and even a new Vizio On Demand movie services across all of its devices. We'll temper our excitement slightly remembering the new TVs and iPhone app shown off last year that never quite made it to shelves, but this trip to Vegas has already gotten even more interesting.

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Nitrowolf23236d ago

wow that could be huge. My only concern is like how big the screen is going to be and the quality. I don't expect it to be big or even a meduim size, for this price i am expecting a really small display. who knows though.

HxCGamer3235d ago

huge news indeed!
january 6th should be marked in everyone's calendars!

St0n3d Bluntman3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

The problem is that the lower end Vizio tv's leave a lot to be desired. The one I purchased for the guest bedroom has a real world contrast ration of 250:1! That's not as horrible as it seems, because manufactures always lie about tv specs, but its still pretty awful. Not only that, most Vizio's still come with only a standard deffinition color decoder built in.

Educate yourself so you dont get burned like I did. You get what you pay for.

AndrewRyan3236d ago

Report this. It should be on Techspy.

VoicesInMyHead3235d ago

disposable tablets and phones....sounds like a deal to me

user83971443235d ago

A 32 inch 3dtv for like $500 and im in.

ABizzel13235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

They had 55" 3D 240hz Samsungs all holiday for $1,499 that came with the 3D bundle, a Blu Ray player, a Blu Ray movie, and Surround Sound system.

It wasn't a bad deal, but I didn't have the money cause I had just moved.

$300 is a great price, and it'll force the higher end companies to drop their price to be competitive, but I doubt it's anything over 32", but it might be a 32" in which case it's a buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.