Looking Ahead To Mass Effect 2 On PS3

Gameolosophy: Soon, PS3 owners will get the chance to experience the Mass Effect series, though they will miss out on the first part which is a bit odd really (but understandable due to the exclusivity agreement with Microsoft). It’s odd because part of the series’ draw is the fact that it’s a trilogy where your decisions from each game are carried over, thus having at least miniscule effects on the next game.

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GWAVE3242d ago


People are STILL harping on how you can't import a ME1 save into the game? Do people realize that ME2 on the PS3 will incorporate an ALL NEW intro to allow the player to make these choices? Let's not kid ourselves: Mass Effect 1 has only a handful of meaningful choices that carry over to ME2, and these mainly relate to how you deal with the Council, the lover you take (if any), and how you deal with the rachni.

As for me, I'm going to be too busy with Dead Space 2, Dead Space Extraction, and LBP2 to play this game right away. I'll wait for the summer lull.

MariaHelFutura3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I own/played ME1/2. I`m looking ahead to ME3. It`ll be nice to play it on my PS3 too, since that`s my prefered system.

TheHater3242d ago

sorry but a interactive comic cannot replace the experience of a 40 hour game.

I for one hate Mass Effect 2 because it took everything I loved about the original and either removed it or dumbed it down for the casual players.

-Mezzo-3242d ago

Have it Pre-Ordered on Amazon, cannot wait to finally play it and see what all the Fuzz Is/Was about.

dkblackhawk503242d ago

Can't wait for the ps3 version, using the Mass Effect 3 engine, 360 has nothing on this!

trounbyfire3242d ago

I am sorry but Me2 just feels old. the animation, stiff character models, VO, facial animation are horrendous, the gunsplay feels week,and you can't control your character when choosing dialogue.

this is my fault for UC2 and seeing great animation and now if a game animation look bad it really stands out to me. and heavy rain non static dialogue system that has the options moving and you can move your character.

sorry but i just feel ME2 is old and i can't go back

don't kill me guys just saying

Darth_Bane793242d ago

This game is definitely on my long list of "must play" games for 2011 :D

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