Why Bioware Should Make The Next Halo

Gameolosophy: In this article I briefly explain why I think Bioware should create the next Halo video game.

Many developers have the ability to create this game, but we need a developer to come up with fresh new ideas for FPSs. I suggest that Bioware be the next and final developer for the Halo Series. I have many reasons and here are some of the reasons.

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-Mezzo-3239d ago

It could be actually Good.

GWAVE3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

I was playing Dragon Age on console today and realized how bland the combat is.

Sure, Bioware knows how to craft a good story, but could they make a good Halo game with good multiplayer? With Halo, the emphasis has ALWAYS been on multiplayer with storyline being secondary (and before Halo fanboys jump down my throat, the story IS secondary. 90% of the plot elements and characters are ripped from popular sci-fi. Let's stop pretending that Halo has an original story).


Their creative and they would definately put a fresh spin on halo...halo has lost quite a bit of its charm for me PERSONALLY. Reach didnt give me the same buzz as halo 3

Maybe move halo away from an FPS and make it more like fallout but with the halo universe being able to switch between third and first person view using rpg elements.

Duno but halo needs a fresh coat of paint. Ms new studio 312 or whatever there called actually may rejuvinate halo so lets wait and see.

Sonyslave33239d ago

I don't know MS game studio they built from ground have a lot talent devs.

A change in the wind3239d ago

That would actually be AMAZING. Can you imagine what Bioware would do if they had access to the world of Halo? They live for that kind of stuff.

Bigpappy3239d ago

I would probably enjoy the game, but the core fans might not. Halo is more than a shooter though. When I player the first halo the atmosphere was very believable. The presentation and production was like a Hollywood Movie.

dkblackhawk503239d ago

Hmm would be intersting to see what happens.

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