AAG: Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza 3 - Our Massive Post GT5 Release Comparison!

In September 2009 we did a preliminary comparison on arguably the 2 biggest racing games of this generation. Now, with Sony's Gran Turismo 5 finally released, we revisit the battle between Forza 3 and GT5 to see how they stack up against each other in our definitive comparison.

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Gt5 is much like real life in the sense it requires effort what you put in is what you get back. Its an rpg of racing games

ive just bought it and im confused as to where these low scores have come seems gamers or should a say childish reviewers this gen are used to quick fixs...if you havnt got everything handed to you on a plate from the beginning its a crap some of demon souls reviews and you will see.god forbid a game should require a bit of effort.

IGN said its a 10/10 sim yet gave it an average score..figure that one out..

Nitrowolf23241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Thats the thing issue i see with most negative reviews, GT5 is too much of a Sim. IDK what they are expecting from a game that is meant to be a Sim like as possible. Yeah of course it isn't As real as life as some people will argue about if the game should be considered a sim, but it is as close as you can get when it comes to a console game (for now).

It's pretty fun, right now i am training my BSpec, Endurance races i don't have time for them so i got to let my BSpec Driver finish them for me.

GWAVE3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Not everyone likes simulators, so I can totally understand the negative reviews of GT5.

That's the fatal flaw of reviews these days: the author has to relay their personal impressions of the game and then somehow weave them into a review that is supposed to represent the opinion of the majority of gamers. It simply can't be done, especially when the guy who reviews the game is so clearly unequipped to write a balanced review of the game in question *cough*IGN*cough*

Focker4203241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )


I agree, reviewers really need to review games as they see them, not how they think everyone else will. Trying to predict how everyone else will react to games is stupid because everyone has different tastes. You can't please everyone.


Gt5 is a sim...if the reviewer doesnt like sims that should have NO bearing on his judgement of the game he or she should review the game for what it is

i love forza and for a quick play id rather forza than gt5...when i have a couple houra spare and want to concentrate ill pop in gt5

comparisons between these two games are retarded they are different games

Kurt Russell3241d ago

Are we still comparing these two? Nerd alert!

Morpheuzpr3240d ago

I completely disagree. People this days think a review is an opinion piece when in fact it should be an informative one.

If a reviewer is going to review GT5 it should be review as a sim not just a racing game. You wouldn't review Mario Galaxy the same way you would Gow3 even when both are 3rd person action adventure games.

You review Mario as a platformer and Gow as an action game (not as a hack and slash). A review should be an objective information source to help you make an informative decision on whether or not the product meets your needs or expectations.

RedDragan3240d ago

Because reviews are nothing more than opinion pieces, and thus worthless in their context, all games should be reviewed by 5 people and the score aggregated.

The same would apply to movies, music, books. The "review" is so subjective. And none of the major industries have actually twigged how useless they are in their current guises.

Then there is also the copycat effect. As soon as the mass of people start rating at a certain level, everybody else will start rating likewise. Had the aggregate method been used we would see hihger rated games possibly rated lower, and lower rated games possibly rated higher. And the 9's would not be banded around like money falling out of the sky.

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RememberThe3573241d ago

The driving in GT5 is flawless. Literally. My only issue is the lack of damage in the game. The game is supposed to be the ultimate simulator but it doesn't take damage into account aside from the cosmetic damage and the passive engine and chassis damage that you have to repair every once in a while. If this is the ultimate simulator I want running into a wall at 200 mph to completely total the car.

Kurt Russell3241d ago

Literally means literally not figuratively or whatever you think it means.

DaTruth3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Next you will be crying that you don't lose limbs or sustain head injuries like in real life crashes!

I want chronic pain dammit!

Writing off your new Lambourghini would be a gamebreaking controller throwing episode in stupidity. Many a GTA5 would end up on the used game shelf over something like that!

RememberThe3573240d ago

@Kurt Russell: Really? How would me saying "figuratively" convay the same meaning as saying literally. When I say that the driving is flawless. I meant it.

Literally - 2. without exaggeration

Next time you try to correct me make sure you can comprehend what I'm saying.

@DaTruth: Patronizing me doesn't counter what I'm saying. Damage effects how the car drives and should be a big part of this game. I don't want it to be real just the game to simulate what a real car would act like on a track. Thats not asking too much. If Forza 3 is such an inferior game then why can it have damage but not GT5?

You guys don't need to be defensive the game is by no means perfect and you don't need to sit there are act like it is.

RedDragan3240d ago

Actually RememberThe357, not counting damage... which as you should know is as much the car manufacturers decision as it is Polyphony's... you will find that GT5 is closer to be perfection than you lead on.

I can honestly say that YOU have never seen a piece of racing software that looks, feels and sounds as real as the GT5 city tracks.

RememberThe3573240d ago

RedDragan: I'm pointing out a flaw I see in the game. I'm not trying to characterize the game a flawed. I love the game but saying it's the best does change the fact that it's not perfect. And the damage is a problem in this game. There is also the issue of how crappy the standard cars look. But as a real gameplay issue the only thing that bothers me is a lack of actual damage. Again, if Forza is supposed to be so inferior than why doe it have damage and not GT? The manufacturers allow Forza to do it, but not GT? I think not.

RedDragan3240d ago

It's well reported that manufacturers have always been unsupportive of damage in the GT5 series. They wouldn't care so much about Forza because it is not a simulation.

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PlayerX3241d ago

People are still crying over the Reviews? It got an 8.5 lol. This site is truly hilarious.

ofx3603241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The game looks great, drives well, but lags behind in just about every other aspect. Not only does it lag behind but it can be very inconsistent(damage, cockpit view, game features, etc.) or just have down right primitive game design. So thats why they say its a 10/10 sim but a 5/10 package resulting in scores like an 8.5 which isn't even a bad score.

And reviews are just meant to inform, the score is just there for fanboys to masturbate to. If you READ the reviews, you'll see the problems and positives of any given game. From there you can decipher if you like a game or not. If you feel that you won't be troubled by having a cockpit view in only about 200 cars and that the graphics and the handling model is more important, then buy and appreciate the game.

People get hung up on scores more than any healthy person really should

morkendo233241d ago

dose it REALLY matter anymore which game is better or worst???? what should matter is ENJOYMENT of the experience playing both FORZA AND GT5 or any game you choose to spend your hard earned cash. must be the hang-out for whiny,complainty, bit'hing gamers, the childishness never decease.I've been here since 2005 for 6 years now all gamers do is bicker over one thing or another. few that gives decent,logical opinion (like saaking) is hit the hardest with disagrees im sure I'll get hit as well. to me personally it dont matter if a game get 6/10 if i buy it ITS!! my money, none of you will know I bought a GOTY game or a crappy game.

MarcusFenixITA3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

GT 5 is one of the best games I've played so far. And I'm not that much into racing and cars. And I'm not that good in the game ... but I keep up driving to get better.

DigitalAnalog3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The comparison relies too much on decal aspects of the game rather than the technical points of the game itself. Comparison did NOT compare physics nor did it compare to how "accurate" the tracks are.

But, this article is perfectly good example to what many reviews' format on GT5 is based upon.

-End of Line

MNicholas3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

A sim has accurately recreated tracks. Forza 3's tracks, even the Nurburgring, are intentionally altered to make the game more "fun."

Forza 3's physics aren't quite sim quality either resulting in much faster corner speeds and lack of sufficient detail and depth in feedback and response. Having said that, it must be noted that a notable area of improvement in Forza 3 over previous Forza games is the improved sense of weight.

Forza 3 doesn't even support real world aspects such as earth rotation (dynamic day/night cycles) or climate (real-time rain/snow) which are factors that real race teams must contend with which are pretty standard for a game expecting to be called a sim.

BTW, one complaint about GT5 is the refueling system for pitstops. They should have had an advanced option to enable advanced players to precisely adjust the amount of fuel added.

There are many reasons to consider Forza 3 a more "fun" game than GT5, particularly for the average gamer, but if the goal is to find the best sim on consoles, at the moment, there's only one that even qualifies as a sim and that's GT5.

3240d ago
Biggest3240d ago

A stone wheel was a 10/10 when it was released. Are you saying that it should still be a 10/10 now, DK286K? Times change. You couldn't fit GT5 or Forza 3 on a CD. You couldn't fit Gran Turismo 5 on a DVD. Hell, they couldn't even fit Forza 3 on a single DVD. The technology wasn't there for the first four GT games. Gran Turismo 5 has shown us all what can be included in a console simulator of this generation. It's far easier to "cherry pick" the negative points from Gran Turismo 5 for so many reviewers and non-GT5 owners. If you were to put both games side-by-side and compare feature-for-feature it would be less cherry picking and more cherry tree foresting.

snaz273240d ago

Lord phoenix.... I didn't understand that ign review at first either, but think about it again and it does make sense... They're saying the actual sim driving is awesome, and i agree, but the actual game, as in the challenges you have extra aren't that good, i fully agree! I know i'll be bashed yet again but hey like i care :-) lol... I'm on the endurance races btw, and now i'm just bored!... Most my time i spent burning round the track on my own in an over powered car! That is a problem with the game! Ok you can say don't use such a powerful car, but i ask you how would you know what power to use? What load up the race, see if you burn off, if you do exit the game, choose another car and repeat!! Wtf!! All pd had to do was put power restrictions! Just like they did with prologue! Is that so hard to do? It's like they just forgot to do it! Even all the races say unrestricted, unless you need a car from a particular country... This is not good enough! I love the way the cars feel, i love the graphics, but the actual game, ie the challenges are poor! I think ign were being nice by saying 5/5... Also why cant you just restart a race if you finish second? You gotta pause it before the end or have to exit then reload it! Wtf! This is poor poor game design, i was pretty shocked to be honest... I wish pd had of waited and got it right, but they didn't :-(

Inside_out3240d ago basically that GT5 is a great game but has some relatively big issues that can't be ignored. How many times do you have to here it. If you are a " real " car nut, then you own both these games and both close.

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MariaHelFutura3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Give a ACTUAL race car driver GT5 and Forza 3 and they`ll pick GT5. Does that mean Forza is a bad game....NO....It means GT5 does a better job at being a simulator. I`ve driven high end cars that are in GT5 and the accuracy is mindblowing.

BrianG3241d ago

I agree, aspects like community, customization (visually), etc, doesn't necessarily make a better simulator. When it comes down to it a driving simulator is about cars, cars, and cars.

MariaHelFutura3241d ago

GT5 is king of the simulation kingdom.

Focker4203241d ago

GT5 = the deer
The reviewers = the eagle

m233241d ago

GT5 is probably a better simulator, but as a gamer, I just want to play and have fun. I love cars just as much as the next guy, but the game needs to be fun, not a simulation. I've played GT5, although not very much, I can say the game looks beautiful. The driving is also amazing.
I am not a hardcore race car driver or anything so I play racing games for fun, which is why I enjoy Forza 3. People may say its more of an arcade racer, so be it, its still fun as hell.
When it comes down to it a game is about community, fun, and in the racing genre customization is one thing I need (I forgave NFS:Hot Pursuit).

BrianG3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Thats what I'm talking about. Play what your into. Just like you said, you want to have fun playing your games. So do I personally, but as we all know people have different definitions of what is fun. I play GT5 frequently, I think its fun. So just because GT5 is a simulation does not mean it is not a fun game.

Bubble for you.

soundslike3241d ago

Fun is not a bullet point, its completely and utterly subjective.

muzzy3241d ago

So then, why did you buy a game that says "simulator" in its very name? It is a sim, plays like sim, delivers what promised with the very best quality ever on a console. That's why I say 10/10, not because I compare it to fun-giving arcade racers like Forza.

m233240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


For god's sake, its like people analyze your comments on this website down to every last word.

Listen, for me if a game is fun its good, simulation or not. When did I say a game should not be a simulation? All I said was that GT5 is more of a simulation racer than Forza (in my opinion). I know Forza is a simulation racer as well, I turn off all the assists when I play, but for me Forza is still more fun. I just bought the Forza 3 Ultimate Collection a few days ago, after trading in my old copy.

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C L O U D3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Gran Turismo has...


Something that cannot be matched by the opposition.

(Fans of the GT games would understand)

mintaro3241d ago

Really? Seems quite the opposite really. Cold, sterile, sim.

Focker4203241d ago

'Seems'?? Soooo you haven't actually played it then. Good to know.

IRetrouk3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

wow wow wow, cold? sterile?, just wow, if you cant feel the passion that went into this game then you aint a sim fan at all.
@ below really? so you can ignore the breaking points and go around corners at 120 mph, no didnt think so, its more of a sim then any other racing game on consoles.

Tinasumsum3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

If you wan't to call GT5 a Sim I find the way the game plays more like average arcade racers. GT5 feels bad. I like the realistic physics and handling of Forza. Breaking and accelerating with the 360's sensitive triggers combined with Forza's physics and handling control scheme is something GT5 can not do. GT5 visuals and game play seems static. Playing GT5 doesn't feel like I'm controlling the car like in Forza it feels like I'm trying to one up the game trying to make me crash by whipping the track at me with turns. I hate wildly spinning out of control in GT5 when what I was doing hardly would cause the level of chaos I see all too often in that game. The physics are off in GT5. I mess around and gas it around corners to see how many times I can make the car spin in place when I give up. We don't really need this article to tell us the winner Metacritic is a click away. GT5 might of been better to me if it not for being a level 50 in Forza 3 for over a year.

Focker4203241d ago


You do know you can set up the triggers for accelerate and braking on GT5 right?? Thats how I have mine set up and they are just as sensitive as your 360 triggers. That is of course until I get my Logitech steering wheel.

IRetrouk3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

why are you talking like i havnt played both, forza compared to gt5 is an arcade racer, the physics are off and so are the tracks, i dont wildly spin so why are you, maybe you are just crap at the game, the car dosnt just spin in place either to burnout you actualy have to try to spin it, you are full of crap, ir3tr0 thats my live name, go check an see how much of forza i have played, as for all the other crap your spouting, i dont care you trolls are boring me now. oh and real sim players use a wheel, not triggers lol at you

Jeebus3241d ago

I have mine set on the triggers as well, and shifting set to the right stick so I can flick up and down to shift.

And, to further oppose your argument, you can change the setting for traction control, and ABS. I turn it off, but if you can't handle it, then enable it and quit trolling.

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Tinasumsum3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

GT5 feels bad it's not on the same level as Forza. Going around a corner fast in GT5 and breaking too long and you're at a complete stop instantly? Or you accelerate to high speeds unrealistically fast and spin out of control with PS2ish momentum and inertia physics. In in 10 months the comparisons will be between Forza 3 vs Forza 4 so fighting over a game with a 84 average is pointless.

Pyscho_Mantis3241d ago

look mate it is soo evident that you have not played GT5 and I hate to break it to you but when you brake the car tends to slow down. Its what brakes are for. Ps2ish Momentum what the eff is that supposed to mean. I know who you are. Your just another Forza fanboy who is butthurt after GT5's success. If you did believe forza 3 was better you would have no need to write it here but you did cuz you are in doubt whether which game is better.

Objective3241d ago

@ Psycho

Would you say the same about the majority of the people commenting on this article who are trying to "write it here" that GT5 is better when the general verdict is that it is not?

wu-stix3241d ago

Focker420 is totally right. GT5 is much better with a wheel. Ditch the triggers and get the logitech wheel, unless you have Forza then you will need the fanatec 911. Don't know why there is no logitech support on the 360. Either way get a wheel.

Arup023241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I think Forza is better when it comes to the community and the detail of the cars(every car has internal view) But i think GT5 is better when it comes to the track designs and the number of cars. Forza isn't too much of a sim imo, a thing that GT5 can perform better. But realistic or not, these two games are very fun to play.

jrbeerman113241d ago

I own both, and I think GT5 is better, the online is better for one. love the idea of the online component also rewarding toward single player. Also like how the online part offers single player circuits to change up things as well. while matchmaking is nice, lobbies do allow a higher level of customization, and picking a lobby through a specific car you want to use is nice.

The driving is more realistic. I do not mind Forza's but cars feel too similar. GT5 makes each car feel unique.

sleepy33241d ago

the things you like about GT5 multiplayer are in forza since forza 2. Your MP has always gone towards your SP. Not only that, but the races can be set up better with more race options available such as car year, region, stock tuning, etc. Also, there are more gametypes in forza's multiplayer such as team races, and other types that are just for when you feel to fool around, like drag racing.

Add in the fact that the races are much easier to have competitive cars since more than just the weight and hp can be specified in the class system, and the MP is better overall in GT5. I hate setting up my room for cars with 414 hp or less and mimimum weight and then not be able to specify that i want only street tyres. Cause soft racing slicks and comfort hards are MILES apart. If PD will just implement a class system already, it would be much easier to have everyone in the room on the same page.

jrbeerman113240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

OK will completely admit ignorance for missing that one about forza's multi. I guess u get bubbles for that

I will also say that last time I played forza (right after gt5 was released to compare) there was hardly anyone online which was dissapointing.