A Guide to the Best of Gaming Cover Music.

Patius of writes,
"Game music. It's not the part of a game that normally jumps out, but if you take it away, it really wrecks the experience. I remember, when I was younger, my dad would tell me to turn the volume on the game I was playing down really low. Sadly, it was so low I couldn't hear. Let me tell you: a game that is totally silent feels off.

That being said, the music of a game is often one of the most memorable parts. The first few notes to the Mario bros theme and you're off to memories of jumping on goombas in 1-1. There are some very talented artists out there who work on these memories, covering them in tribute songs. Some bands go more to the faithful recreation in different instruments, while others take the route of recreating the songs as they probably would sound like if there hadn't been technical limitations on the medium of the game. No matter the way, the results can be amazing."

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