Indiana Jones makes a comeback of sorts in The Fountain of Youth

Ian Fisher writes: Even though LucasArts dropped the ball in an almost apalling way, at least gamers can take solace in Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth – a project that’s geared towards the old-school gamers out there. Lovers of simple point and click adventure games should appreciate the fan made Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. Yes, this is a fan made Indiana Jones project but by the looks of things you would’ve swore that someone went back in time to the heyday of LucasArts game development and uncovered a never before made game.

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Wenis3244d ago

Figures a fan had to make it. Lucasarts doesn't know what their fans even want anymore.

Quagmire3244d ago

George Lucas: What's that? You want a Force Unleashed 3?

Gamer: No...I said Star Wars B-

George Lucas: -The Force Unleashed 3. Thats what I said.

Gamer: No, I want the third game to-

George Lucas: -Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Gamer: No, wait...why the fuck would I want a sequel to a shitty sequel of a slightly less shitty game?!

George Lucas: find out that... Jar Jar Binks is...your father!

Gamer: Fuck this, I going back to playing Mass Effect.

Wenis3244d ago

Yeah Battlefront 3 is soo long overdue. I doubt there will be a force unleashed 3. The first Force unleashed sold like 5 million copies, and the second I don't even think sold 1 million. A 3rd would most likely sell even less. While Battlefront 1 sold like 3 million and Battlefront 2 sold about 2.5 million.

tunaks13244d ago

@ Quagmire
you do realize that GL doesnt really make those kinds of decisions...

Wenis3244d ago

Dude, Lucas has a stranglehold on the Star Wars franchise, unfortunately.

Lucreto3244d ago

I don't know why people didn't like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Like all the other movies is was based of a myth and was an excellent movie imo.

bumnut3244d ago

i didn't like it because it was crap compared to the previous movies

mightyboot3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

'Crystal Skull' was far more fun that 'Temple of Doom' in general.

Temple of Doom was boring as ****

evildeli3244d ago

Sounds like some "old school gamers" are in for some "old school" lawsuits.