Was Mafia II Really That Bad? | Mad Overdose writes: When Mafia II was released back in August, it was met with rather a mixed reception with valid points from those who liked the game, and also those who felt the game was a massive disappointment. This article will look at the game closely and discuss each major criticism for the game as well as my personal opinion and come to the ultimate conclusion on whether or not Mafia II was as bad as some made out.

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VersusEM3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

who said it was bad, I thought it was one of the best story-driven games this year, I was partially furious, when one character died, so furious in fact that after the scene was over I KILLED EVERYONE until I felt better.

Commander_TK3237d ago

The PS3 version was really bad. 360 version good. PC version great.

PS3Freak3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Someone cares a little too much about grass. Overgrown grass to be exact.

CrzyFooL3237d ago

Mafia II on PC is an amazing experience.

jag_stilvecchio3237d ago

How exactly "was" the PS3 version bad? I played it on PS3 and I think that Mafia 2 was great. Better than GTAIV which was largely given fan service by so called "professional" reviewers.

cakeisalie3237d ago

PS3 version had very low fps like 20-25fps and had low res textures. You need to see the PC version running, even asides the grass it looked a world apart from the PS3 version. Not to mention the silky smooth frame rates on PC version.

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BiggCMan3237d ago

The game certainly is not bad. The story was very good, and the scene that linked the first game to the second really took me by surprise. It's not a great game, and I don't believe its worth the $60 I bought it for, but for $12.50, or even $10 to rent it, it's definitely worth playing because of the story.

cakeisalie3237d ago

Friend of mine got it of Steam this holiday discount for 12.5usd worth every penny.

BeOneWithTheGun3237d ago

i loved mafia 2. sure there wasnt a lot of side stuff but the main story was solid and great graphics. maybe not 60 bucks great but def worth a rent

x8003237d ago

it was bad because the story was so short, and when the game was finished you had nothing to do.

karl3237d ago

what? being short automatically makes it a bad game?
thats a terrible excuse to say a game was bad...

it was an excellent game.. the only problem is that people wanted it to be GTA and it just wasnt...

DarkRayneRules3237d ago

I'd rather play a good short game, than a bad long game any day. I've played so many games where I just wish they'd finish already. Mafia 2 disappointed me at first because I was so overly hyped up. But once I left it a while and came back to it I loved every second. I can't wait to replay it and soak it all in again. The story was marvelous. It wasn't short, I just wanted more. And if a game leaves you wanting more it's done it's job. Come on Mafia 3. :D

Heck I'm glad it wasn't GTA IV. That game has so many distractions and tedious AI socialising that the excellent story gets watered down to the point I stop caring and just go on rampages. Heck if it was boiled down to just story it probably wouldn't be that much longer than Mafia 2. I much prefer a more linear, streamlined experience. I can barely finish those truly open world games.

Snatcher3237d ago

It's just wasn't a good enough sequel to one of the best games ever(Mafia).

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The story is too old to be commented.