Xbox Live Free for Halo 3 Launch Window

During the launch period of Halo 3, the 25th, 26th and 27th of September, Best Buy will be sponsoring the Xbox Live Gold service and making it free for everyone. Think of it as Halo Free Gold Days. That means that even if you only have Xbox Live Silver, or you picked up a 360 just for Halo 3, that you'll be able to try almost all of the features – online co-op, Multiplayer, Forge editing, viewing networked Saved Films - however, you will not be able to use the File Share system unless you subscribe to the paid Xbox Live Gold service.

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Genki4079d ago

No Best Buys in my area though >.<

toughNAME4079d ago

just a quick taste of gold for the silvers..

jackdoe4079d ago

3 days is useless. Halo 3 probably comes with the free three month trial card inside so it makes this offer moot.

Ignorant Fanboy4079d ago

A month and three days.

For Free, good deal if you ask me.

Zinswin4079d ago

A couple of times a year MS should open up the floodgates and let everyone see what the real experience is all about...

bednet4079d ago

That's worth at least 40 cents...

And that car is just freaking ridiculous, I would not be caught dead driving that crap, 'look at me I'm a publicity stunt'...

I love Halo but this media frenzy is getting on my nerves and I'm starting to expect that my tv will literally explode from awesomeness when I start the game. I'm already disappointed from it, because there is no way a game can deliver on the craziness of all this...

There's already people in line at the local wal-mart for heaven's sake!

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