High quality PS3 trailers ready to download

Playsyde has uploaded tons of trailers shown by Sony during May's E3, and they're all in 720p.

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specialguest5380d ago

damn, i'll have to wait till i get home to watch these. i hope they're better quality than the HD clips, not that those HD clips were bad.

Bill Nye5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

Yes, these are direct feed and most (not all) are in 720p. It's also good to note that the Warhawk trailer contains new footage and that some others are a little edited from the E3 trailers (i.e. Heavenly Sword).

Oh and here's the link to the 720p version of Heavenly Sword not listed on the site for some reason:

DJ5380d ago

LAIR is by far the best looking game out of that lineup! It looks like it's in-game footage too. Sick.

Singstar has a really slick interface. F1...looks really stiff in the way the cars handle. Heavenly Sword looks awesome. Warhawk has a lot more planes on screen than before (And the character has a TON of detail) but sadly the environments are simple and bland. But that was the E3 version so I'm sure they're fixing that up right now.

Bill Nye5380d ago

That's because F1 cars are 'stiff' in general and are very responsive to the wheel.

DJ5380d ago

i take that back then. I watched it over again. I think it'd be cool if the camera didn't follow the car exactly frame per frame. Like, if it had some slight physics and dynamically trailed the car's movements to some degree. Kind of like in burnout.